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Frequently Asked Questions

Return and Deposit refund Timings are Sunday to Wednesday 9AM to 5 pm- For Thursdays/Saturday 9 AM to 1 PM ONLY.No return on car rentals after office timings public holidays and Fridays. Any car Rent paid is not refundable and not adjustable. Car must be return at same branch from it is issued. You also have to return the car that you have rented by yourself in office timings at our office. Moreover, There will be no pick up until of unless arranged and have email confirmation. If you want us to to Pickup the rented car the charges will be 200 AED within Dubai. Rent must be paid In advance at the branch personally by the hirer bank-transfers / deposits are not acceptable from 23-6-16.

In case, of returning the rental cars with dirty exterior and interior you will be charged AED 700 for interior and AED 200 for exterior. For Rent a car online Dubai daily & Monthly CHECK-IN TIME FOR ALL THE CARS is: 13:00 AED 200 will be charged after check in time AED 2000 will be charged for returning the car with tinted car windows. Schedule of Charges: Return after the mentioned timings public holidays and Fridays will be charged AED 200. Return to other branch AED 200.

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Return without car washing Bill AED 200. No information will be provided, or no refund will be given except to the hirer as per agreement.

Customer is responsible to collect the refund of deposit by themselves within 60 days from the date of due of deposit refund. AED 100 will be charged per month for delay pickup after 60 days. No deposit claims after 1 year from date of return “Hiree” will Deduct AED 100/day as late payment charges per day and can be deducted at the time of deposit refund on every car rentals daily & monthly. The hirer Is liable to pay 30% of the car value in case of his/her fault resulting in car to be declared as total loss and 20% in case of SCDW

The hirer is liable to pay AED 2000+20%of repair cost #s insurance excess amount in case of his/her fault or a damaged caused to the car by unknown party if there is no liable party in police report) or in case hirer's fault . For Instance, This insurance excess is applicable for even minor scratch or small dent also. Customer is not allowed to repair the car. In case, of repair “Hiree” reserves the right to charge AED 15000. In case, of SCDW insurance excess is MILL however, if the car gets total loss minimum 20%of car value Is payable by the hirer encase of his fault. Customer is liable to pay for the time car is required to pay in all conditions. rent a car Online Dubai Insurance Excess will be AED 5000+Vat +20% of the car value for the cars equal to and above 2.0 L Engine

After that, If the customer outstanding increase AED 900 “Hiree”reserve the right to File a police / court case against customer to recover the car and rent and hirer is responsible to pay minimum AED 5000 or actual lawyer fee whichever is higher AED 500 will be charged for release.

The Hirer is responsible to pay the rent for entire period till the car is in garage for repair or impounded by the Police or held by the court in case of accident or violation, our aim to provide best.

The Hirer pays the 2000+30% value of the car repair within the agency in the case of any accident if the driver is under the age of 21, or his driving License has been issued less than one year. “Hiree”will consider the Car on hire till the garage work is complete.

Road Side Assistance Is for within DUBAI only in case the Road side assistance is not purchased separately AED 300 Car pick up charges are AED 150 (24 hours prior booking) AED 200 for same day Pickups (minimum 3 hours prior dosing time ) Key lost/damage charges are AED 1500.

Payment Collection Charges AED 50. Insurance is not valid in case the rent is not paid in advance or driver name not mentioned in agreement the Hirer will pay full repair cost + garage rent + 10% of new car value in total loss case.

Any fines related to original mulkia will be on customer as customer can take original mulkia by depositing additional 200 AED.

Hirer is allowed to use 100KM per day and additional 52.5Fils per KM for cars below 1.2 L , 63 fils for 1.41, 78.75 fils for 1.5L, and AED 1.05 for car 1.6L to 1.8L and AED 3.15 per KM for all cars above 2.0 L will be paid by the hirer. Car Is for use within Dubai and off road usage is not allowed unless until written permission is obtained. Car must be returned in clean condition and should have minimum 20% tank AED 150 will charged in such case of short fuel.

Hirer must use the car him/herself. In case of additional driver additional insurance must be paid prior to usage. Insurance is not valid otherwise best if you take a insurance best for when Cheap rent a car online dubai daily & monthly.

I hereby instruct BAB Al Madeena Rent a CAR LLC/rent a car LLC to debit my Credit Card Number _________________________________ Expiring on __/__ against Rent, Salik, Fine and damages occur during my usage.

ADDITIONAL TERMS Hirer certifies that vehicle delivered to the hirer in a good condition according to the attached check out list end the hirer undertakes to keep sufficient water and oil in the vehicle, The vehicle should be brought for regular maintenance & periodical services to the office failure or negligence to do so penalty of 1000 will be charged along cost of damage to affected parts and repairs if required. Rent a car Dubai, The vehicles Insurance coverage is for U.A.E only. Any accident that might occur while the influence of alcohol or drugs will bind to pay full compensation for any losses or damages to vehicle and hirer will be fully responsible before the authorities.

The hirer is responsible for all damages and repairs occur within the hire period .to pay the amount of Insurance deductible / minimal charges of AED 2000 -variable with Depends on vehicle category against any accident or damages, scratches to the vehicle end he must submit all required papers to & from the police/ court and office to claim any damage charges from the insurance company. In case of any mechanical issues that occur to the vehicle, hirer should stop the vehicle &inform the Hiree directly & police if any accident occurs.

Hirer is responsible for negligence of any of the Issues or if car drive after accident In which engine Is damage he have to pay all cost.

Hirer is responsible for any complaint, case, traffic offences or any obligations regarding the vehicle Also he will be alone responsible if he uses the vehicle to transport any forbidden items that considered as Illegal as per any of the UAE law Hirer should also pay the full amount of there contract until an arrangement Is made between hirer and Hiree.

Hirer should be having valid UAE driving License minimum 6 months old & driver's age should be more than 25 years old to get comprehensive insurance, Only 70% insurance covered In case of less than 12 months old license & age fess then 25 years - 30% of the damage amount & insurance deductible as per Insurance company Invoice will be paid by hirer.

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