Sharjah Rolla Area Guide: A Vibrant Community in thе Hеart of Sharjah

Sharjah Rolla Area Guide: A Vibrant Community in thе Hеart of Sharjah


Rolla Sharjah, a bustling community in the heart of Sharjah, is a place where history meets modernity. The city has a rich heritage and vibrant atmosphere, and Rolla has become a prominent destination. In this detailed guide, we'll explore everything you need to know about Rolla Sharjah, from its history and real estate to amenities and nearby attractions.

Community Overview

The community boasts a collection of low to mid-rise buildings, creating a distinctive skyline. Adding more, the commercial area in Rolla is divided into several sections catering to different needs, including restaurants, electronics stores, and garment shops. It's a bustling hub for businesses and services.

Moreover, Rolla is home to a wide range of amenities, including tailoring shops, laundry facilities, textile markets, and electronic repair shops.


Rolla Sharjah enjoys excellent connectivity with other areas of the city. Al Zahra’a Street runs to the east. However, Al Arouba Street defines its western boundary, ensuring that resident have easy access to major roads and transportation options.

Located approximately two kilometers from the Heart of Sharjah, a vibrant cultural destination.

  • Al Manakh and Al Musalla lie to its east.
  • Al Shuwaileih and Al Mareija lie to its west.
  •  Sharjah International Airport is a 24-minute drive away.
  • The Ajman – Sharjah border is to the north and can be reached in about 20 minutes.

The Rich History of Rolla Sharjah

The Rich History of Rolla Sharjah

Rolla Sharjah derives its name from a significant banyan tree that once flourished in the area. Moreover, this thriving community is name to the neighborhood, making it synonymous with cultural significance.

Along with this, Rolla is a part of the Al Ghuwair development and is strategically located between the communities of Al Shuwaihean and Al Musalla.

Sharjah rolla hotel is a mixed-use development that seamlessly combines commercial and residential properties. Therefore, this diverse landscape is complemented by various recreational facilities, making it a dynamic and lively community.

Proximity to Amenities

One of the reasons why residents prefer living in Rolla Sharjah is its proximity to public parks, restaurants, shops, malls, and public transportation. Additionally, the convenience of having essential amenities within reach adds to the appeal of this community. Moreover, the cost of living in Rolla is more affordable compared to other neighborhoods in Sharjah.

Properties in Rolla Sharjah Area

Properties in Rolla Sharjah Area

Rolla Sharjah is predominantly composed of multipurpose properties, including commercial spaces, residential apartments, and hotel apartments.

However, the affordability of rents in this area makes it a popular choice among singles, couples, and small families.

Residential units in Rolla Sharjah typically offer moderately sized living rooms with balconies, separate kitchen areas with cabinets and exhaust fans, and a variety of air conditioning options. Therefore, some units have central air conditioning, while others rely on ceiling fans and individual AC units, which can affect rental prices.

Notable buildings in Rolla Sharjah include Rolla Tower Building, Tiger Building, Centre Hotel, Al Sharq Hotel, City Hotel, and Damas Tower 14. Hence, these facilities offer various accommodations and amenities, catering to different needs and preferences.

Transportation and Parking Spaces in Rolla Sharjah

Transportation and Parking Spaces in Rolla Sharjah

Rolla Sharjah offers a considerable number of outdoor parking spaces dedicated to visitors. Therefore, it ensures that finding a parking spot is relatively convenient. However, some areas may have paid parking zones, such as Um Al Tarafa Car Parking Rental.

Along with this, many buildings in the area allow parking around their curbs, and some have covered parking spaces in their basement levels.

However, it’s important to note that parking around popular locations like Rolla Square Park and Rolla Market can get crowded due to their popularity.

Public transportation in Rolla Area is managed by the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority (SRTA).

Options include buses and taxis, with bus stations near Rolla Square Park, such as Al Rolla Bus Stop and Al Jubail Bus Stations 1 and 2. Moreover, the bus routes connect Rolla Sharjah to areas like Sahara Centre, Muweilah, and Al Saja'a.

Additionally, Al Qiyadah Metro Station and Stadium Metro Station on the green lіne are accessible within an 18 to 19-minute drive by car. Therefore, it offers another transportation option for residents and visitors.

Lifestyle in Rolla Sharjah

Lifestyle in Rolla Sharjah

Rolla Sharjah offers a vibrant and dynamic lifestyle with an extensive range of shopping and entertainment options:

Shopping: Rolla Sharjah is a shopper's paradise with numerous malls and markets to explore. However, some of the prominent shopping destinations include Rolla Mall, Rolla Market, Gold Market, Souq Al Rolla, Al Ghuwair Centre, Sharjah Plaza, and various retail stores.

Rolla Mall, in particular, is known for its six floors of commercial space, including office units and retail outlets. Rolla Market is famous for its small shops offering garments and accessories at discounted prices. Therefore, it makes it a haven for bargain hunters. The Gold Market is a must-visit for jewelry enthusiasts featuring retailers specializing in semi-precious stones, pearls, diamonds, and gold in various carats.

Dining Options

The neighborhood has various restaurants, mainly offering Indian and Pakistani cuisines. Along with this, some popular dining options in Rolla Sharjah include Panama Restaurant, Morning Star Restaurant, Delhi Nihari Restaurant, Yummy Indian Restaurant, and City Darbar Restaurant.

Nearby Beaches

For those looking to enjoy the coastline, Al Khan Beach is accessible within a 10-minute drive from Rolla Sharjah. However, this beach is known for its safety, with trained lifeguards, and offers a range of activities and facilities for both sunbathers and water sports enthusiasts.

Amenities in Rolla Sharjah

Amenities in Rolla Sharjah

Rolla Sharjah offers a wide range of amenities to cater to the daily needs of residents:

Supermarkets: There аre numerous supermarkets in Rolla Sharjah, including Al Safeer Supermarket, Noor Al Falak Supermarket, Al Telal Supermarket, Gharb Al Madina Supermarket, Fathima Supermarket, and Giant Supermarket, among others. However, all these stores provide a variety of grocery options for residents.

Healthcare Facilities in Rolla Sharjah

Healthcare Facilities in Rolla Sharjah

Rolla Sharjah offers access to numerous clinics and hospitals, including Al Zahra Hospital, Thumbay Hospital, Premier Medical Centre, Rukin Al Shifa Medical Centre, NMC Medical Centre Rolla, and Al Saadah New Medical Specialist Centre. However, all these healthcare facilities ensure residents have access to quality medical services within the community.

Hotels in Rolla Sharjah

Hotels in Rolla Sharjah

For tourists and travelers, Rolla Sharjah offers a range of hotels to choose from. Some popular options include:

  • Jormand Hotel Apartments Sharjah: A 4-star hotel on King Faisal Road offering comfort and convenience to guests with a variety of amenities.
  • Al Sharq Hotel: A 2-star hotel with comfortable rooms and facilities like a swimming pool and fitness center.
  • Nejoum Al Emarate Hotel: A 3-star hotel located in the heart of Sharjah, offering spacious rooms and accommodation options.

However, all these hotels provide different levels of comfort and services to cater to the needs of visitors to Rolla Sharjah.

Exploring the Nearby Areas of Rolla Sharjah

Exploring the Nearby Areas of Rolla Sharjah

Rolla Sharjah is a vibrant and central neighborhood in the heart of Sharjah, is not only a dynamic community in its own right but also benefits from its proximity to several other neighborhoods. However, each area offers its unique features and attractions. Let's take a closer look at these neighboring areas and what they hаve to show:

Al Musalla

Located in close proximity to Rolla Sharjah, Al Musalla is known for its cultural significance and modern development. Here are some key highlights:

Sharjah Eid Musallah

Al Musalla is home to Sharjah Eid Musallah, a spacious and prominent worship facility for congregational Eid prayers. Moreover, it plays a central role during Eid celebrations, bringing the community together for religious observances.

Grand Mall Sharjah

Shoppers in Al Musalla can easily access Grand Mall Sharjah, a popular shopping destination offering a wide range of retail outlets, dining options, and entertainment facilities. It's a hub for shopping and leisure activities.

Al Mareija

Al Mareija is a neighboring community that complements the charm of Rolla Sharjah with its set of amenities and services:

Residential Community

Al Mareija is primarily a residential area, providing a tranquil environment for its residents. Hence, it offers a quieter contrast to the bustling commercial hub of Rolla.

Al Shuwaihean

Located to the west of Rolla Sharjah, Al Shuwaihean is another neighborhood worth mentioning:

Leisure Activities and Notable Landmarks in Rolla Sharjah

Leisure Activities and Notable Landmarks

Rolla Sharjah has a rich cultural scene with various iconic landmarks and attractions. Al Hamra Cinema provides traditional movie-watching experiences.

For those interested in arts, culture, and history, there are numerous museums and cultural centers nearby, including the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, Sharjah Art Museum, Sharjah Heritage Museum, Majlis Al Midfa, and Al Hisn Fort Museum.

Rolla Area itself is dotted with landmarks such as Sharjah Clock Tower, Government House Square, Round Park, and Al Khaleej Square. Adding more, Rolla Clock Tower, in particular, stands tall in front of Rolla Mall, making it a prominent local landmark.

Community Events

Community Events

Rolla Sharjah's proximity to art centers and historical sites means that residents can easily access popular annual events in Sharjah. Heart of Sharjah, located west of Rolla Area, hosts events like the Al Basta Festival, which showcases Emirati culture through traditional craft workshops, live music, and food stalls.

Therefore, the globally acclaimed Sharjah Biennial, an arts festival that connects artists and art centers worldwide, is held every two years at the Heаrt of Sharjah.

Essential Considerations

While Rolla Sharjah offers numerous advantages, there аre some factors to consider:

  • Rolla Area is a commercial hub, which means it can be prone to traffic congestion and public commotion, which may not be suitable for those seeking a quieter residential area.
  • Rolla Sharjah primarily consists of smaller apartment units. However, it makes it less suitable for larger families in search of spacious villas or apartments.

Final Words

Rolla Sharjah is a place where history meets modernity in the heart of Sharjah. This vibrant community boasts a rich heritage, diverse amenities, and affordable housing options. Moreover, with excellent connectivity, a mix of residential and commercial properties, and proximity to essential amenities, Rolla Sharjah is a popular choice for residents and visitors alike. Whether you're interested in cultural experiences, shopping adventures, or a dynamic lifestyle, Rolla Sharjah has something for everyone.


Is Rolla Sharjah Purely a Residential Community?

Rolla Area offers residential and commercial properties, making it a versatile neighborhood.

Am I Allowed to Travel from Dubai to the Rolla Area Sharjah?

Yes, travel within the United Arab Emirates is currently allowed.

Do I Have to Wear a Face Mask on Public Transport in the Rolla Area?

Yes, wearing a face mask on public transport in Rolla Area is mandatory.

How far is the Sharjah-Dubai border from Rolla Sharjah?

The Sharjah-Dubai border is approximately 25 minutes away by car from Rolla Sharjah.

What types of housing are available in Rolla Sharjah?

Rolla Sharjah primarily consists of smaller apartment units, making it more suitable for individuals, couples, and small families.