How to Find Part time Jobs in Dubai

How to Find Part time Jobs in Dubai


Dubai holds a prominent position among the most captivating destinations in the Middle East. With its diverse job market, it has attracted individuals from all corners of the globe. If you are contemplating a move to Dubai with your family, you will discover an abundance of opportunities to build a career in this extraordinary city. While the job market in Dubai is thriving, certain sectors are more inclined to offer a greater number of employment prospects compared to others.

Exploring part time jobs in Dubai. However, other emirates can prove beneficial for those who are currently unemployed and seeking additional income. Despite Dubai's reputation for well-compensated and lucrative jobs. These individuals meet their financial requirements by undertaking legitimate part-time roles.

Is part-time employment permitted in Dubai?

One of the primary inquiries that arises in the minds of many individuals is: "Is part-time work legal in Dubai?" The answer to this query is"Yes."

Working part-time in Dubai is completely permissible, subject to specific conditions. Firstly, there are provisions for temporary work permits. It allows the individuals to engage in employment for a duration not exceeding six months.

The Ministry of Labour grants part-time work permits to those who wish to work part-time alongside their full-time job. Furthermore, adolescents between the ages of 15 and 18 can also obtain work permits.

For individuals with professional qualifications and strong references, there is no dearth of UAE part-time jobs opportunities. On average, part-time workers can expect to earn around AED 3500 per month.

Where to find part-time jobs in Dubai?

Dubai, known for its vibrant economy and diverse job market, provides numerous opportunities for individuals seeking part-time employment. If you're looking for part-time jobs in this bustling city, there are several avenues you can explore to find the perfect opportunity.

One of the most convenient and effective ways to search for part-time jobs in Dubai is through various websites. Numerous online platforms offer comprehensive and up-to-date lists of the latest part-time job openings in the city. These websites employ advanced search algorithms that allow you to customize your search.

To begin your search, you can start by entering relevant keywords like "no experience" and "work from home" jobs. If you prefer jobs within close proximity, you can use phrases such as "jobs near me," "part-time jobs near me," or even "full-time jobs near me" if you are open to exploring full-time positions as well. Additionally, if you are a student seeking part-time work, specifying "part-time jobs for students" will help you discover opportunities tailored to your needs.

Moreover, apart from dedicated job search platforms, you can also explore social media platforms. Some of the best platforms are LinkedIn, Facebook groups, and online forums. Many companies and recruiters actively promote part-time job openings on these platforms, making it easier for job seekers to find suitable opportunities.

Documents required for part time work in Dubai

In order to apply for a temporary work permit, the employer is required to submit several documents on behalf of the worker. The necessary documents for the permit application are as follows:

  • Copy of the applicant's passport. 
  • Copy of the job contract. 
  • Colored photograph of the applicant with a white background. 
  • Copy of the applicant's visa, valid for a minimum of 6 months. 
  • Copies of academic qualifications if necessary

Additionally, the prospective employer must submit the following documents: 

  • Copy of trade licenses for both full-time and part-time employers. 
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the full-time employer, if applicable. 
  • NOC confirming awareness of the applicant's part-time contract by all involved parties.

Part time job permit fee

The total cost of obtaining a part-time work permit in the UAE is AED 600. 

The breakdown of this fee is: 

  • Application fee: AED 100. 
  • Approval fee: AED 500.

These fees are to be paid by the prospective employer. Please note that the temporary UAE work permit fee is separate from any applicable Tas'heel service charges

What Are Some Lucrative Part-Time Opportunities in Dubai?

Are you looking for some of the best part time jobs in Dubai? Here are the best ones with documentation and skills needed to apply:

Freelance Writer

If you have a knack for words, freelance writing can be a well-paying part-time gig in Dubai. It is one of the best part time online jobs in UAE. can write blog posts, articles, and website content for various clients. Good command over the English language, impeccable grammar, and engaging writing skills are essential for this role. Start by building a portfolio of your work and explore freelance writing job opportunities online.

Call Center Jobs

Although not the most glamorous job, working in a call center can help you earn extra income part-time. Prior experience in a similar field is beneficial, along with good telephone etiquette and excellent communication skills. Prepare for skills-based interviews and practice with a friend. Research the company beforehand to familiarize yourself with their products or services.

Social Media Specialist

If you spend a lot of time on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, consider becoming a part-time social media specialist in Dubai. You'll manage clients' social media accounts, develop strategies, design posts, schedule content, and analyze performance.

You'll need a strong interest in social media and experience using major platforms. Ensure a reliable internet connection, and prepare a portfolio showcasing your previous work or personal social media growth.


Dubai has a high demand for tutors. If you have a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate, you can find teaching or tutoring jobs easily. Additionally, if you're a qualified English teacher or possess substantial knowledge in a specific subject area, tutoring can be a lucrative part-time option.

Patience, teaching ability, and subject expertise are necessary skills. Consider obtaining a TEFL certificate and explore tutoring companies in Dubai or online platforms to advertise your services.


With stunning scenery and a vibrant population, Dubai offers great opportunities for photographers. Pursuing part-time photography jobs allows you to exercise your skills while having flexibility in your schedule. You'll need your own camera equipment and a portfolio to showcase your work.

Some clients may require credentials, while others will judge you based on your portfolio. Establish an online presence through a website and social media profiles, and explore platforms like Upwork and LinkedIn jobs for potential clients.

Tour Guide

If you enjoy history and meeting new people, becoming a tour guide in Dubai can be an exciting part-time gig. You'll need to be familiar with the local area and be prepared to answer questions from tour participants.

Obtaining a Tour Guide License from the Tourism Authority might be necessary, so consult with the company you wish to work for. Fluency in multiple languages can be a significant advantage. Brush up on Dubai's history, and search for available tourism jobs that catch your interest.

Promotions & Events

If you have a background in event promotion and enjoy attending fancy events, this could be your dream job. Promotional roles involve working at events or promoting them beforehand. While specific experience is not always necessary, prior experience in event promotion is advantageous.

Look for event promotion jobs in Dubai online regularly or set up alerts to stay updated on relevant opportunities. These positions often fill quickly, so staying proactive will increase your chances of securing an open position.


Dubai offers numerous opportunities for waiter/waitress roles, with new restaurants and hospitality establishments constantly emerging. These positions cater to individuals of all experience levels, from luxury high-rise hotels to coffee shops and restaurants.

While prior experience is beneficial, many positions welcome newcomers with a positive attitude, strong work ethic, and willingness to learn. Explore online job listings to find open positions and check for specific skill or experience requirements.

Sales Associate

The expansive malls in Dubai are always in need of reliable sales associates to provide excellent customer service, assist with inquiries, and maintain store organization.

Prior experience in sales is beneficial, but businesses also value hardworking, trustworthy, and reliable individuals for sales associate positions. If you possess these qualities, consider pursuing this type of work.

Create a resume highlighting any relevant experience and visit the malls directly to inquire about job openings. Alternatively, search online for advertisements and apply accordingly.

Is it possible to work for multiple employers in the UAE?

When considering part-time work in the UAE, it's important to explore all available options. If you find yourself with extra free time even after fulfilling your mandatory work hours for one employer, you may wonder if you can take on additional employment.

According to the UAE Labor Law, it is indeed possible for an employee to have multiple employers. Whether you hold a work visa or a family visa, you can pursue a part-time job and earn the income you deserve.

So, what steps do you need to follow to have more than one employer? Let's take a look at the following: · Get a part-time work permit from the (MOHRE). · Pay the required fees, which include an application fee of AED 100 and an approval fee of AED 500.

It is crucial to ensure that you have all the necessary legal paperwork to carry out your jobs without any concerns. It's worth noting that if you engage in a part-time job without obtaining the required permit, the hiring company may face a fine of AED 50,000. This penalty applies to expatriate employees.


Dubai offers a range of part-time job opportunities for individuals looking to supplement their income or explore flexible working arrangements. Part-time employment is legal in Dubai, subject to certain conditions and obtaining a temporary work permit. The Ministry of Labor grants part-time work permits to individuals, including teenagers between the ages of 15 and 18. Job seekers can find part-time job openings through various websites, social media platforms, and online forums. Overall, Dubai's diverse job market provides ample prospects for those seeking part-time employment.


Can a full-time employee engage in part-time work? 

For individuals in the UAE who are employed full-time, there might be a desire to take on part-time work. However, they may be uncertain about the possibility of doing so and whether it is legally permissible. 

What are the consequences of working part-time in the UAE without a permit? 

Under the 2007 Federal Decree Law No.2, a company that hires part-time employees without an official permit is subject to penalties. The employer may face an immediate fine of AED 50,000, and repeated offenses can result in further penalties. 

Can an individual with a part-time job switch to a full-time contract? 

According to the relevant laws, changing your contract to work full time for a different employer is not permissible. 

What are the main elements of the legal framework for part-time work? 

To comprehend part-time work in the UAE, it is important to understand the legal framework surrounding it. While part-time employment is common in many countries, it is not widely offered by employers in the UAE. 

What is the legal basis for part-time work? 

The legal framework for part-time work is outlined in Ministerial Decision No. 31 of 2018, issued in March 2018. This decision permits employers to sponsor and employ part-time workers under the law.

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