ClickCease How to write a CV for UAE Jobs?

How to write a CV for UAE Jobs?

How to write a CV for UAE Jobs?

Once you have determined the sectors, companies, and locations you want to target, it is essential to create an appealing profile for your desired jobs. In this article, we will guide you on how to present yourself, your capabilities, and qualifications to maximize your chances of securing an interview and ultimately a good job in Dubai by creating a solid CV format for Dubai.

Is there a specific professional CV format for UAE?

Actually, no. However, it is important to ensure that your CV follows specific guidelines that are considered sensible by recruiters in this region. Additionally, your CV should be concise, well-structured, and visually appealing, without including unnecessary details.

Your CV serves as a document to showcase your qualifications, skills, education, and experiences to potential employers. It represents your personal brand and must capture the reader's attention and make an immediate impact. To achieve this, your CV should include the following sections:

1. Personal details

2. Summary

3. Skills

4. Work experience

5. Education & Training

6. Other relevant information

Creating A CV Format For Dubai

When writing a CV for the UAE, expect some variations in style, length, and content compared to a standard CV used in the US, Canada, or Europe. Depending on your country of origin, it may not be acceptable to include sensitive information such as age, gender, race, or a photograph in your CV or resume.

However, including these highly personal details in a CV is common in the UAE, although it is becoming increasingly rare. Some employers may even require such information. Keeping this in mind, here are some tips to prepare a Dubai resume format that will appeal to regional recruiters:

1. Begin with your personal details, including your full name, contact information, and nationality.

2. Write a concise summary highlighting your key skills, experience, and career goals.

3. List your skills, both technical and soft, emphasizing those relevant to your target job.

4. Provide a detailed account of your work experience, focusing on accomplishments and responsibilities.

5. Include information about your education and any relevant training or certifications.

6. Add any additional information that may be relevant, such as language proficiency, volunteer work, or publications.

7. Ensure your CV is well-organized, using clear headings and bullet points to improve readability.

8. Tailor your CV to each specific job application, emphasizing the skills and experiences that match the requirements.

9. Proofread your CV thoroughly to eliminate any spelling or grammatical errors.

10. Consider seeking professional assistance from experienced CV writers who have expertise in crafting professional CV format for UAE.

By following these tips, you can create a compelling UAE CV that will attract the attention of recruiters in the region.

Have A Strong Summary

Recruiters make quick decisions, typically spending just six seconds reviewing an applicant's CV. With such a small window, it's crucial to start your CV with a compelling summary that highlights your core skills and accomplishments. Think of the summary as a teaser for the rest of your CV. For example:

"Enthusiastic and committed IT manager with five years of experience in Oil & Gas, Logistics, and Telco industries. Strong technical and communication skills. Proven ability to quickly adapt to new trends and deliver consistent results within cross-functional teams. Achieved 24% month-over-month improvement in customer ticket management and reduced operational downtime by 15% through equipment inventory and upgrades."

Get Straight To The Point

Avoid wasting valuable space on irrelevant information and a confusing structure. A logical and consistent CV format for Dubai is essential, with a maximum length of two to three pages. Even with extensive work experience, keep it concise. Limit your work history to the past 10 years to save space. Use formal fonts such as Arial, Calibri, or Palatino Linotype, or consider Times New Roman in a font size between 10 pt. and 12 pt. Ensure readability by avoiding tiny fonts and overcrowding information on the pages.

Focus On Results, Not Responsibilities

Instead of simply listing your job responsibilities, highlight quantifiable results to stand out. For example, as an IT specialist, don't just mention fixing system errors. Provide specific details on the errors you've resolved and how your work has positively impacted the company, such as cost savings or improved efficiency.

Tailor The CV According To The Job Posting

Address the specific requirements outlined in the job description and demonstrate why you are the ideal candidate. Relate your accomplishments to the information provided in the posting. This requires a deep understanding of the role you're applying for. While it may take longer to customize your CV, it increases the chances of the recruiter recognizing your suitability for the position.

Proofread And Eliminate Errors

Thoroughly review and proofread your CV multiple times to ensure it is free from spelling or grammatical errors. Mistakes indicating multiple applications can be detrimental, as they suggest a lack of seriousness. Take the time to ensure your CV is polished and error-free before submitting it.

Creating a Winning CV

Your CV is essentially a marketing document, serving as a brochure that sells your skills and abilities to potential employers. Every aspect of your CV format for Dubai, from its content and language to punctuation, font choice, and even the paper quality (if submitting a physical copy), can impact your chances of securing the desired job.

Keep in mind that HR Managers often receive a high volume of CVs for each vacancy. They review them swiftly, sometimes spending only a few seconds on each CV, to make initial judgments on whether to proceed with a candidate or not.

To increase your chances of success in your Dubai job search, it is crucial to dedicate substantial time, thought, and effort to crafting a professional and visually appealing CV.

Structure of a CV

Your CV format for Dubai should include the following sections with key elements:

Contact Details:

   - Main mobile number

   - Second contact number

   - Email address

Personal Information:

   - Nationality

   - Age / Date of Birth

   - Marital Status

   - Visa Status

   - Driving license

Work Experience:

   - Dates (start with current role)

   - Company Name

   - Your job title

   - Brief description of the company

   - Accomplishments and responsibilities (see next section)

   - Reason for leaving

   - Explanation of any gaps in employment dates


   - Dates (start with most recent)

   - Location

   - Full qualification details with acronyms

   - Level of attainment (if relevant)

Additional Skills:

   - Languages (start with most recent)

   - IT Skills

   - Certifications and licenses

Work Experience:

This section is crucial and often overlooked by job seekers. Instead of merely listing responsibilities copied from the job description, focus on your achievements, preferably quantified. Here are some examples:

Poor CV Example:

Role: Sales

- Selling the company's product to customers

Good CV Example:

Role: Sales

- Successfully sold the company's B2B products to over 50 corporate clients, generating over $1.2 million in sales and surpassing the annual sales target by 110%.

Poor CV Example:

- Reviewing costs in the company and taking action when necessary

Good CV Example:

·         Led 2 rounds of cost-cutting initiatives, resulting in a combined 17% reduction in non-payroll expenses within a 6-month period across the organization

·         Conducted interviews and successfully filled vacancies for over 200 candidates across business units in 5 countries, resulting in the placement of 17 resources in various roles, including IT, Marketing, Sales, and Top Management positions

·         Utilized SEO techniques to drive traffic to the company website, resulting in a 70% increase in monthly unique visitors, while reducing overall marketing spend by 20%

By focusing on achievements and quantifiable results, you can effectively showcase your impact and value to potential employers.

Customizing Your CV Format for Dubai

1. Mention your passport nationality, including dual nationalities.

2. Include a professional photo, especially for customer-facing roles. Dress appropriately and avoid revealing or provocative photos for females.

3. Provide a brief description of your previous company's value and importance if it's not well-known in Dubai.

4. Highlight your education by adding a description of your prestigious university or relevant certifications from international institutions.

5. Mention any Dubai government certifications or licenses you have obtained.

6. Include your driving license if required for sales roles involving extensive travel.

7. Specify your visa status (visit, employment, dependent) if you are already in Dubai.

8. Emphasize immediate availability if you are not currently employed and can start right away.

9. Keep your CV concise and limit it to 1-2 pages, regardless of your experience.

10. Avoid including attachments with your CV unless requested by the employer.

Certifications and Licenses in Dubai Resume Format

- Internationally recognized certificates enhance job prospects, such as CIPD or SHRM for HR, ACCA or CIMA for Accounting.

- Some professions require local licenses, like RERA for Real Estate brokers and DHA for doctors and nurses.

- Obtaining certain licenses may require completing courses or engaging with government entities.

- Having rare licenses sets you apart in the job market.

- Certain employers prioritize specific certifications and licenses.

- Foreign licenses can also be beneficial, either directly or indirectly for securing Dubai licenses.

Importance of licenses in Dubai

Here is an example of adding licenses to create a professional CV format for UAE:

Real Estate Case Study: John, a manager in a real estate agency, achieved his goal with a RERA license. The training course provided valuable market insights and cleared doubts about the region's laws. Major online portals now require the RERA license for property listings, making John more marketable and attracting calls from other agencies seeking licensed brokers.

CV Writing Services

Professional CV writers create tailored resumes based on your profile and experiences. It can lead to increased interview calls. Many websites offers a free CV review and a professional CV writing service.


To increase your chances of securing job interviews in Dubai, it is crucial to invest time and effort in crafting a strong CV. Mediocre and poorly written CVs are unlikely to yield positive results. Take the time to research and tailor your CV to the Dubai job market. Additionally, obtaining licenses relevant to your field can significantly enhance your career prospects and make you more marketable. Invest in acquiring the necessary licenses to unlock opportunities and stand out among other applicants.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do companies look for in a CV?

Businesses in UAE hunt for effective communication skills, adaptability, and excellent customer service capabilities in a CV. Demonstrate these qualities to increase your chances of success in landing a job. Remember this is true for international companies as well.

Which CV format is recommended in UAE?

The chronological resume format is one of the best for UAE residents and is preferable for most high earning jobs. It includes contact information, objective or summary statement, relevant skills, professional experience, and education. Additional information like volunteer work and special interests are optional.

What is the standard length for a CV?

The typical length for a CV is 2 to 3 pages. However, it depends on your career choices and your level of experience. Aim for two pages if you have less than 20 years of professional work experience.

How to create a better CV?

Follow these best practices for CV format to craft a standout CV/Resume.

  • Choose the right CV layout
  • Write a detailed CV with emphasis on skills
  • Use a reverse chronical order
  • Start with contact details, and personal information
  • Iterate your professional summary, and key skills
  • Maintain the appropriate CV length
  • Include a professional photo when required

Is it necessary to include a photo in the CV for UAE?

No, employers in UAE don't make it obligatory for candidates to include a recent photo of them in their CVs. However, a fresh personal picture bodes well with other relevant information. So, it is better to have a photograph on CV across the world.

How to write a CV without work experience?

Follow these steps for making a CV sans work experience.

  • Begin with a personal statement
  • Highlight your most impressive qualities
  • List your skills instead of specific roles
  • Include both obvious and extra-curricular abilities
  • Emphasize your education with degree(s) and certification(s)
  • Showcase your personality and ethical traits

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