ClickCease Part Time Jobs in Sharjah Top 10 Companies to Consider

Part Time Jobs in Sharjah Top 10 Companies to Consider

Part Time Jobs in Sharjah Top 10 Companies to Consider


Sharjah, known for its social legacy, stunning landscapes, and clamoring economy, offers plenty of opportunities for people looking for part-time work. Whether you're an understudy hoping to acquire insight or a professional looking for valuable pay, Sharjah's job market takes care of different requirements. In this blog, we'll dig into the main 10 companies in Sharjah offering Part-time jobs in Sharjah opportunities, alongside using well known job portals like LinkedIn, Naukrigulf, and others to help your job search.

Top 10 Companies to Consider for Part-Time Jobs in Shrajah

Presently, how about we expand on every one of these companies in more detail:

1.  Sharjah Airport Authority

Part Time Jobs in Sharjah

The Sharjah Airport Authority is a crucial organization in Sharjah's flying area, regulating the operations and improvement of Sharjah Global Airport. As quite possibly of the most active airport in the area, SAA offers different part-time positions across various departments. These jobs generally include:

Customer Administration: Part-time representatives might work in customer administration jobs, helping travelers with requests, tagging, and things handling.

Administration: SAA might employ part-time administrative staff to support different office capabilities, including data entry, documenting, and coordination of timetables.

Retail Operations: Inside the airport premises, there are various retail outlets. Part-time positions in retail include undertakings, for example, cashiering, deals assistance, and merchandise stocking.

Working at SAA gives significant openness to the flight business, customer administration abilities, and opportunities for professional development.

2.  Sharjah Cooperative Society

Part Time Jobs in Sharjah

As one of the main retail chains in Sharjah, the Sharjah Cooperative Society works an organization of stores, hypermarkets, and corner shops across the emirate. Part-time job opportunities inside the Sharjah Cooperative Society ordinarily include:

Cashiering: Part-time clerks handle exchanges, process installments, and give customer administration at checkout counters.

Stocking: Workers might help with stocking racks, renewing stock, and keeping up with store neatness.

Customer Assistance: Part-time staff assist customers with finding items, give data about advancements, and offer assistance depending on the situation.

3.  Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA)