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Affordable Studio Available For Just 1500 AED Per Month In Dubai


Welcome to Great Dubai, where dreams become realities and opportunities abound! Are you searching for an affordable monthly studio rental that won't strain your budget? In this blog post, we'll highlight some wonderful furnished studio options in Dubai available for just 1500 AED per month; these could range from cozy spaces in Bur Dubai or stylish apartments in Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), so take a look and find your ideal home away from home without breaking your budget!


Rent A Furnished Studio For Rent In Dubai Monthly 1500.

Are you on a tight budget but still want to experience all the amenities of Dubai living? Look only at furnished studios available for rent at just 1500 AED per month; these affordable options provide comfortable living spaces without compromising style or amenities.

Exceptional Dubai Studios for Couples

Dubai is known for its exquisite architectural designs; these studios don't disappoint. Boasting modern furnishings and tasteful decor, these studios will instantly put you at ease when you enter their door. Additionally, their clever use of space ensures every inch is used efficiently - making these studios perfect for singles or couples looking for an intimate retreat.

Affordable Dubai Studio Rentals: Prime Locations


Location is key when searching for the ideal rental property, and with these affordable monthly studio rentals, you will be satisfied. Choose between Bur Dubai, with its bustling markets and cultural landmarks, or the serene Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) nestled amidst lush greenery - there's sure to be something perfect.


Fully Furnished Dubai Studio Apartments: Amenities Galore


As well as boasting stylish interiors and prime locations, furnished studio apartments have essential amenities such as air conditioning, high-speed internet access, kitchenette facilities, and even fitness centers or swimming pools, depending on the building complex. Why wait any longer? Take advantage of this incredible offer to secure an affordable monthly studio rental in Dubai for just 1500 AED and experience this dynamic city from the comfort of your private space. Take advantage of this - start searching now!


The Studio Is Available To Rent Monthly For 1500.


Are you searching for an affordable studio to rent in Dubai? Look no further - we have just the solution for you - At just 1500 AED per month, you can have the space of your dreams without breaking the bank!

Studio NumberLocationFeaturesMonthly Rent (AED)
1Downtown DubaiFully furnished, city view1500
2Dubai MarinaModern kitchen, gym access1500
3JumeirahBalcony, swimming pool1500
4Business BayCentral location, parking1500
5Al BarshaUtilities included, 24/7 security1500
6Dubai Silicon OasisSpacious layout, high-speed internet1500
7Palm JumeirahBeach access, fully equipped kitchen1500
8DeiraClose to public transport, laundry room1500
9International CityPet-friendly, community amenities1500
10Sports CityFitness center, panoramic views1500
11Al NahdaClose to metro, 24/7 security1500
12Dubai Investment ParkOpen kitchen, community pool1500
13MirdifBuilt-in wardrobes, children's play area1500
14Al QuozLoft-style, creative space1500
15Al WaslNear shopping malls, covered parking1500
16Al FurjanContemporary design, balcony1500
17Dubai Festival CityCanal view, proximity to entertainment1500
18Motor CityFully furnished, fitness facilities1500
19Dubai Production CityHigh-speed elevators, business center1500
20Al MankhoolRooftop terrace, city skyline views1500
21Al WarqaPet-friendly, jogging track1500
22Dubai Science ParkModern appliances, green surroundings1500
23Umm SuqeimSea view, proximity to beaches1500
24Al JaddafClose to healthcare, public transport1500
25Dubai Sports CityGolf course views, recreational amenities1500
26Dubai Knowledge ParkStudy area, business-friendly environment1500
27Al SafaLarge windows, natural light1500
28Dubai Internet CityTech hub, coworking spaces1500
29Al Quoz IndustrialWarehouse-style, industrial aesthetic1500
30Al MizharFamily-friendly, landscaped gardens1500
31Dubai Design DistrictArtistic community, proximity to galleries1500
32Jebel AliFreezone benefits, business opportunities1500
33Dubai Healthcare CityMedical professionals community1500
34Al KaramaCultural district, diverse dining options1500
35Dubai World CentralAirport proximity, logistics hub1500
36Al RashidiyaHeritage charm, close to public transport1500
37Dubai Investment Park 2Warehousing facilities, industrial area1500
38Al Quoz ResidentialArt galleries, creative community1500
39Dubai Maritime CityMaritime-themed architecture, sea views1500
40Al BarariLuxury living, botanical gardens1500

Budget-Friendly Dubai Studio Rentals: Live Comfortably For 1500 AED/Month


Dubai may be known for its luxurious lifestyle and high rental costs, but some options cater to those on a tight budget. Renting a studio for 1500 AED per month should be within your reach whether you're a student, a young professional, or simply trying to save some money. Dubai offers many affordable studio options. From bustling areas such as Bur Dubai to upcoming neighborhoods like Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), an array of studios is available, complete with all necessary amenities for an effortless living experience.


Living in Dubai doesn't need to break the bank; by renting a studio for 1500 AED per month, you'll not only save money but also benefit from living in this dynamic city. Start searching now for your ideal studio that meets your budget and lifestyle!


Attract Rent Of UAE Dh 1200 Per Month On Your Hotel Apartment In Dubai For Rent.


Studio NumberLocationFeaturesMonthly Rent (AED)
1Downtown DubaiFully furnished, city view1200
2Dubai MarinaModern kitchen, gym access1200
3JumeirahBalcony, swimming pool1200
4Business BayCentral location, parking1200
5Al BarshaUtilities included, 24/7 security1200
6Dubai Silicon OasisSpacious layout, high-speed internet1200
7Palm JumeirahBeach access, fully equipped kitchen1200
8DeiraClose to public transport, laundry room1200
9International CityPet-friendly, community amenities1200
10Sports CityFitness center, panoramic views1200
11Al NahdaClose to metro, 24/7 security1200
12Dubai Investment ParkOpen kitchen, community pool1200
13MirdifBuilt-in wardrobes, children's play area1200
14Al QuozLoft-style, creative space1200
15Al WaslNear shopping malls, covered parking1200
16Al FurjanContemporary design, balcony1200
17Dubai Festival CityCanal view, proximity to entertainment1200
18Motor CityFully furnished, fitness facilities1200
19Dubai Production CityHigh-speed elevators, business center1200
20Al MankhoolRooftop terrace, city skyline views1200

Are you searching for an economical accommodation solution in Dubai? Hotel apartments provide an ideal combination of comfort, convenience, and cost-efficiency. Even with an AED 1200 monthly budget, you should be able to find a hotel apartment suitable to your needs without breaking the bank


Dubai Hotel Apartments: Your Home Away from HomeHotel


In Dubai, apartments are fully furnished and outfitted with all the necessary amenities to relax during your stay. From cozy bedrooms to fully equipped kitchens and spacious living areas, these apartments offer everything required for an enjoyable home away from home experience.


Hotel apartments in Dubai's prime locations provide easy access to major attractions, shopping malls, restaurants, and public transportation - whether visiting for work or pleasure - making hotel apartments an ideal way to experience this vibrant city at your own pace.


Dubai Hotel Apartments: Affordable Luxury and Convenience


Hotel apartments not only provide convenient locations and reasonable pricing but also include extra services like housekeeping and maintenance that allow you to focus on enjoying Dubai without being distracted by daily chores.


Why spend more on costly accommodations when you can enjoy all of the comforts of home at an affordable cost? Book a hotel apartment in Dubai for 1200 AED monthly and experience a memorable stay without compromising quality or convenience.


Studio For Rent In Dubai For Only AED  1000 Monthly.


Are you searching for an affordable studio to rent in Dubai? Look no further - we have just what you need at an unbeatably studio for rent in dubai monthly 1000! Experience living in one of Dubai's most exciting and central areas while living here!


Studio NumberLocationFeaturesMonthly Rent (AED)
1Al MizharFamily-friendly, landscaped gardens1000
2Dubai Design DistrictArtistic community, proximity to galleries1000
3Jebel AliFreezone benefits, business opportunities1000
4Dubai Healthcare CityMedical professionals community1000
5Al KaramaCultural district, diverse dining options1000
6Dubai World CentralAirport proximity, logistics hub1000
7Al RashidiyaHeritage charm, close to public transport1000
8Dubai Investment Park 2Warehousing facilities, industrial area1000
9Al Quoz ResidentialArt galleries, creative community1000
10Dubai Maritime CityMaritime-themed architecture, sea views1000
11Al BarariLuxury living, botanical gardens1000

Bur Dubai Studios: Where History Meets Modern Comfort

Bur Dubai is known for its rich cultural history, bustling markets, and stunning architecture. Offering old-world charm and modern amenities that make it the ideal home, Bur Dubai provides everything one needs from student housing to professional workspaces - making renting a studio in Bur Dubai ideal whether you are an expat living abroad or exploring this vibrant city!


Studios designed with your comfort in mind offer fully Furnished Apartment For Rent Monthly Basis in Dubai with modern furniture and appliances; bring yourself! Additionally, many buildings provide amenities like gyms, swimming pools, and 24-hour security to make life easier for residents. Bur Dubai's affordability and convenience make it ideal for exploring attractions such as Bastakiya Quarter, Meena Bazaar's bustling souks, and iconic landmarks like Burj Khalifa.


Don't miss this chance! Contact us immediately to secure your perfect studio for rent in Bur Dubai for just 1000 AED per month - living comfortably without breaking the bank is now. 


A Rent Of Monthly 1000 Will Secure This Fully Furnished Studio.


Are you searching for an affordable yet comfortable place to call home in Dubai? Look no further than Jumeirah Village Circle's furnished studio apartments available for rent at just 1000 AED per month! JVC is renowned for its peaceful environment and convenient location. Studio apartments provide all you need for an enjoyable stay, complete with modern furniture and appliances; bring your belongings! Their compact layout makes these studios ideal for individuals or couples seeking cozy living spaces without breaking the bank.


JVC Studios: Affordable Living with Convenience


JVC offers many other advantages besides affordability. Amenities within walking distance include parks, swimming pools, fitness centers, and supermarkets. Furthermore, its location near major highways simplifies commuting to other parts of Dubai. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to rent a furnished studio at an economical rate in JVC! Reach out to real estate agents or search online listings now to locate your ideal home within budget!

Studio For Rent In Dubai Monthly 750 AED

Studio NumberLocationFeaturesMonthly Rent (AED)
1Al NahdaClose to metro, 24/7 security750
2Dubai Investment ParkOpen kitchen, community pool750
3MirdifBuilt-in wardrobes, children's play area750
4Al QuozLoft-style, creative space750
5Al WaslNear shopping malls, covered parking750
6Al FurjanContemporary design, balcony750
7Dubai Festival CityCanal view, proximity to entertainment750
8Motor CityFully furnished, fitness facilities750
9Dubai Production CityHigh-speed elevators, business center750
10Al MankhoolRooftop terrace, city skyline views750
11Al WarqaPet-friendly, jogging track750
12Dubai Science ParkModern appliances, green surroundings750
13Umm SuqeimSea view, proximity to beaches750
14Al JaddafClose to healthcare, public transport750
15Dubai Sports CityGolf course views, recreational amenities750


Finding an affordable monthly studio rental in Dubai may be challenging, but it is achievable with the appropriate resources and knowledge. From furnished studios in JVC to hotel apartments in Bur Dubai, options that provide affordable living situations on any budget are available. When searching for furnished studio rentals in Dubai for monthly 750 AED rentals, explore neighborhoods such as Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) and Bur Dubai, as these provide easy access to amenities and transportation links while remaining within your budget.


Dubai Studio Apartments: Affordable Living in JVC and Bur Dubai


JVC provides spacious and well-appointed studio apartments rent in UAE that come fully furnished and ready for occupancy at just 750 AED per month, making this vibrant community accessible from various parts of Dubai via major highways such as Sheikh Zayed Road or Al Khail Road commuting a breeze. Bur Dubai provides excellent options for finding affordable studio rentals in Dubai. This historic district combines traditional charm with modern convenience; for around 750 AED per month, you can find studios near public transportation networks such as Metro or bus stops - ideal if you want easy access to popular landmarks such as Dubai Museum or Meena Bazaar!


Dubai: Affordable Hotel Apartments & Studio


Suppose you prefer hotel apartments to traditional studios or residential buildings. In that case, there are options within your budget of 750 AED per month that provide comfortable living spaces while offering additional services such as housekeeping and concierge assistance. 


Searching for an affordable studio rental within your budget of 750 AED per month in Dubai should be made simpler by using online property portals or local real estate agents specializing in such rentals. Be mindful that availability may fluctuate depending on the time of year and demand, so it's essential to start searching early.




What is the common cost of a studio for lease in Dubai on a monthly basis?

The common cost for a studio for hire in Dubai is around 1500 AED in step with month.


Are there furnished studio options to be had for hire in Dubai inside the 1200 AED monthly price range?

Yes, there are furnished studio apartments available for rent in Dubai at a monthly charge of 1200 AED.


Can I discover studios for hire in Deira, Dubai, in the price range of 1000 AED per month?

Yes, there are studio apartments to be had for rent in Deira, Dubai, with a month-to-month rent of 1000 AED.


What amenities are generally blanketed in a studio for lease in Dubai in the 1000 AED finances?

Basic facilities inclusive of utilities, maintenance, and in all likelihood net may be blanketed. However, it is really helpful to test with the landlord for unique info.


Are there any additional prices related to monthly studio rentals in Dubai?

Additional expenses may additionally encompass protection deposits, renovation fees, and utility charges. It's important to make clear these info with the landlord before renting.


Do monthly short-term condominium alternatives exist for studios in Dubai?

Yes, there are month-to-month short-term condominium alternatives available for studio residences in Dubai.


What is the standard rent length for month-to-month brief-time period studio rentals in Dubai?

Monthly short-time period studio leases in Dubai often have bendy rent durations, ranging from a few weeks to 3 months.


Can I locate puppy-friendly studio residences for lease in Dubai inside the 750 AED month-to-month finances?

It's advisable to check with individual landlords, as pet rules may also range. Some might also allow pets, even as others may additionally have restrictions.


Are there any unique areas in Deira in which I can locate studios for hire at 750 AED in line with month?

Different regions within Deira may provide studio residences at varying costs. It's advocated to explore the alternatives to be had in specific neighborhoods.


What are the transportation options close to studios for lease in Dubai in the 1200 AED month-to-month budget?

Transportation alternatives might also vary, however Dubai normally has a nicely-connected public transportation system, together with buses and metro offerings. It's recommended to pick out a area with convenient access to your preferred mode of transportation.


Is it commonplace for landlords to encompass software bills within the month-to-month lease for studios in Dubai?

In a few cases, landlords may additionally encompass basic application bills within the monthly hire, however this can vary. It's critical to talk about this with the landlord earlier than finalizing a condo agreement.


Are there any regulations on renting studios for brief-time period remains in Dubai?

Some homes may additionally have unique regulations or regulations on short-time period leases, so it is really helpful to test with the property control or landlord.


How can I find available studio rentals in Dubai inside the 1500 AED monthly budget?

Online actual property systems, neighborhood classifieds, and actual estate dealers can be beneficial in locating to be had studio rentals inside the specific budget.


Are there any safety considerations when renting studios in Dubai on a monthly basis?

It's recommended to pick out respectable landlords and properties with good safety features in area. Researching the community and reading opinions can also provide insights into protection.


What is the technique for securing a monthly studio rental in Dubai, and are there any required files?

The condominium manner generally entails submitting identity files, proof of profits, and possibly a security deposit. Each landlord might also have precise necessities, so it's crucial to inquire approximately the important files throughout the condo utility manner.