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Villa for Sale in Sharjah

Discover the epitome of luxury lifestyle with villa for sale in Sharjah with Great Dubai. Nestled in this vibrant metropolis, these terrific villas redefine opulence and luxury. Imagine waking up with breathtaking views and taking joy of top class facilities at your doorstep. The Al Zahia villas for sale seamlessly combine modern facilities with the tranquility of nature. Our company ensures that each detail is meticulously crafted to satisfy the highest standards. With a commitment to excellence, Great Dubai invites you to discover the attraction of Sharjah and seize the opportunity to own a slice of paradise. Elevate your lifestyle with a prestigious sharjah villa for sale with us, where luxurious meets perfection.

Types of villa for sale in Sharjah with Great Dubai

One-Bedroom Villa:

Experience cozy residing with our one-bedroom villas, best for couples seeking a charming space. These thoughtfully crafted villas offer stability between comfort and practicality.

Two-Bedroom Villa:

Great Dubai presents fashionable two-bedroom villas, offering reliability among space and intimacy. Ideal for families which are small or those who want extra room for versatile  use.

Three-Bedroom Villa:

Discover spacious elegance in our 3 bedroom villa for sale in Sharjah, thoughtfully designed for comfort and opulence . Perfect for families because these villas provide spacious living areas and modern facilities.

Economy Villa:

Our cheap villas for sale in Sharjah provide reliable solutions without compromising on comfort. Great Dubai guarantees that even budget-friendly alternatives offer top standards. We make homeownership reachable to a broader audience market in Sharjah.

Luxury Villa:

Indulge in lavish living with our luxurious villas in Sharjah. Great Dubai brings you residences that redefine opulence. These villas offer premium finishes, top facilities, and an advanced life-style.

Old Villa:

Embrace the attraction of history with our old villa for sale in Sharjah, each telling a unique tale. Great Dubai preserves the character of these residences. We offer a combination of nostalgia and present day comforts in Sharjah.

New Villa:

Step into modernity with our new villas, designed with modern day's developments and technologies. Great Dubai ensures that these villas provide fresh and cutting-edge residing memories.

Unique Features Villa:

Explore villas with specific features that set them apart. From architectural designs to special facilities, Great Dubai gives a choice tailored for those people seeking something unique.



NeighborhoodDescriptionAmenities and Access Pricing
Al Nahda, SharjahIn the heart of the city, our company presents villas for sale in Al Nahda, offering a bustling urban lifestyle. Enjoy proximity to schools, supermarkets, and healthcare facilities, making it ideal for families.Reachable to schools, supermarkets, and healthcare facilitiesContact us for pricing details
Al Tai, SharjahExplore tranquil Al Tai, where Great Dubai showcases luxury villas for sale surrounded by serene areas. This location offers a peaceful, relaxing environment with easy access to amenities and a strong sense of community.Easy access to amenities and a community feelContact us for pricing details
MaysaloonDiscover the beauty of villas in Maysaloon for sale by Great Dubai. This well-established neighborhood combines traditional amenities with contemporary living, offering a variety of amenities and easy access to highways.Traditional amenities with contemporary livingContact us for pricing details
Al ZahiaIndulge in the epitome of luxury living with villas for sale in Al Zahia, Sharjah, by Great Dubai. This prime location offers a harmonious blend of modern amenities and a vibrant community atmosphere, providing the perfect combination of comfort and sophistication.Modern amenities and a vibrant community atmosphereContact us for pricing details
Al JadaExplore the elegance of Al Jada with Great Dubai's villas for sale, featuring a blend of contemporary design and eco-friendly features. This dynamic neighborhood offers a balanced lifestyle close to resort and commercial areas.Contemporary design and eco-friendly featuresContact us for pricing details
Al KhanGreat Dubai offers villas in Al Khan for sale, situated in a waterfront area known for its superb beauty and easy access to shopping and dining. Enjoy a combination of beach life and urban conveniences.Waterfront beauty with easy access to shopping and diningContact us for pricing details

Why Choose Great Dubai for villas for Sale in sharjah

Premium Quality:

Great Dubai ensures the top standards in villa creation. Our company gives villas crafted with precision and premium materials for enduring exceptional.

Diverse Options:

From 3-bedroom luxury villas to budget-friendly options, we provide a numerous variety of alternatives. Great Dubai caters to numerous options and ways of life in Sharjah.

Prime Locations:

Our villas are strategically located in sought-after regions like Al Zahia, Al Tai, and Al Jada. Great Dubai offers customers the benefit of urban residing with tranquil surroundings.

Trusted Reputation:

With a strong reputation, Great Dubai is known for transparency, integrity, and delivering on guarantees.

Innovative Design:

Our villas show off modern architectural designs, combining contemporary aesthetics with practical layouts.

Customer Satisfaction:

Our dedication to consumer satisfaction is unwavering, with dedicated professionals to help at each step of the villa process of buying.

Safety Tips 

Identity Verification:

Ensure protection by verifying the identification of potential customers. Request valid identification and carefully vet their credentials before making any transaction to save you from fraud.

Professional Representation:

When showcasing the villa, always have an expert representative from Great Dubai present. This just does not enhance the credibility of the transaction however it also ensures the protection of both parties.

Secure Communication:

Use stable communication channels with the customer who wants to buy villa in sharjah. Encourage communication via Great Dubai emails or telephone lines to protect our data.

Publicly Available Information:

Avoid disclosing important information about the villa or its status publicly. Share information just with serious and certified customers to save the privacy of the customers.

Legal Assistance:

Prioritize lawful safeguards by adding our legal team inside the selling procedure. Ensure that every vital documentation is in order, and transactions adhere to lawful requirements . It protects both the vendor and Great Dubai from any fraud or disputes.


Great Dubai stands as the epitome of luxurious residing with its distinctive villas for sale in Sharjah. From the picturesque Al Zahia to the colorful Al Nahda, every location gives unique villas. Our diverse range of villas from 3-bedroom to price cheap options, caters to numerous lifestyles. With a commitment to premium design, and prime locations, Great Dubai ensures a remarkable residing enjoyment. Choosing the Great Dubai means you can enjoy opulence and convenience. Elevate your lifestyle with us,  where every villa is a testament to perfection in the heart of Sharjah.


What is the average price for a villa in Sharjah?

The average price for a villa in Sharjah varies, however it usually falls in the range of AED 1.2 million to AED 5 million.

What types of villas are available for sale in Sharjah (e.g., single-family, compound)?

Various types of villas are available for sale in Sharjah, which includes family-friendly and compounds to cater to distinct preferences.

What is the typical transaction process for buying a villa in Sharjah?

The transaction process which is traditional to buy a villa in Sharjah involves selection of property. It also includes negotiations and signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

What is the approximate price range for a 3-bedroom villa in Sharjah?

The approximate price range for a 3-bedroom villa in Sharjah is between AED 1.5 million to AED 4 million.

How do villa prices compare in different areas of Sharjah?

Prices of villas in different regions of Sharjah vary, with prime locations. In areas like Al Zahia often command higher prices in comparison to different other neighborhoods.

What is the typical size of a 4-bedroom villa in Sharjah?

Four-bedroom villa in Sharjah typically ranges from 2800 to 4200 square feet.

Is there a significant price difference between new and old villas?

Yes, new and old villas have significant price differences. New villas are normally priced more because of cutting-edge amenities and design as compared to old villas.

What are the options for villas for sale in Al Zahia Sharjah?

Al Zahia gives a range of villas for sale, such as 3 to 6-bedroom. It provides highly-priced accommodation in a well-established place in Sharjah.

What villas offer private swimming pools or gardens?

Many villas for sale in Sharjah, specially in premium communities like Al Zahia, offer private swimming pools and gardens options.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of buying a fixer-upper villa in Sharjah?

Fixer-top villas in Sharjah provide savings on cost. The benefit is customization, however drawbacks encompass unexpected fees and time investments.