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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What type of career is aviation?

    An aviation career encompasses roles like aircraft mechanic, avionics equipment mechanic, aircraft technician, or avionics equipment technician. It often begins with graduation from an FAA-approved Aviation Maintenance Technical School.

  • 2. What is the highest paying job in aviation?

    Some of the highest paying jobs in aviation include; Thermodynamics Engineer with a salary range of $117,000 to $225,500 per year, Aeronautical Engineer with a salary range of $89,500 to $141,000 per year, Test Pilot with a salary range of $84,000 to $139,000 per year, Avionics Engineer, Avionics Manager, Fixed Wing Pilot, Aerodynamics Engineer, Propulsion Engineer.

  • 3. What is the scope of work in aviation?

    The scope of work in aviation involves activities such as; developing and implementing efficient staffing schedules, supervising the testing and maintenance of ticketing, security systems, and other technology, collaborating with aviation officials to ensure compliance with regulations for airport operations.

  • 4. What are 3 benefits of jobs in aviation?

    Jobs in Aviation offer three key benefits that include facilitating global economic growth through air transport, creating employment opportunities, supporting trade, tourism, and sustainable development worldwide.

  • 5. Is aviation a stressful job?

    Being an airline pilot can be highly stressful due to responsibilities for passenger safety and complex workloads. Chronic stress can have negative impacts on health, job performance, and cognitive function.

  • 6. Which airline hires the most?

    Delta Airlines is the world's largest international airline by revenue. American Airlines leads in terms of the number of employees. Moreover, there are other top hiring airlines all around the world including Emirates, Turkish Airlines, and Air France.

  • 7. Does aviation have a future?

    The future of aviation holds significant potential for growth, advancement, and new job opportunities. Rising air travel demands necessitate skilled individuals across diverse aviation domains.

  • 8. Is Bachelor of aviation hard?

    Pursuing a B.Sc in Aviation is challenging and requires dedication. However, by managing your study work in a bearable manner, you can go through the degree without any trouble. At the end, jobs in aviation are worth the stress and hardship as they are the most rewarding professions.

  • 9. Can a degree in aviation make you become a pilot?

    To become a pilot after 12th grade, candidates in India typically need a Bachelor's degree in Aeronautical Engineering, Aircraft Operations, or a related field. Others from science streams can also apply, but completion of an aviation degree is often required to work in this field.

  • 10. Why should I study aviation?

    Studying aviation offers a rewarding career with growth opportunities. Becoming a pilot brings competitive salary and lifelong health benefits, making it an attractive career choice.