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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What kind of teacher is in the highest demand?

    Which teaching subject is most sought after? While specific requirements may differ among institutions, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) consistently remain subjects in high demand.

  • 2. What type of teacher is most sought after?

    Which teaching subject is most sought after? While the specific needs can vary among schools, subjects within science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are consistently in high demand.

  • 3. Which education degree holds the most value?

    At the master's level, there are numerous specializations that are in high demand both in public and private schools. Government agencies and private businesses that require knowledgeable educators for their products and services highly value this degree.

  • 4. Which field is most suitable for pursuing a teaching career?

    Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) Students aspiring to become teachers in upper primary and high schools typically pursue a B.Ed course, which is the most favored degree among the five types of teaching programs.

  • 5. What marks the peak career stage for a teacher?

    Distinguished Teachers (Stage 4) embody the pinnacle of teaching excellence rooted in global best practices. They are acknowledged as education leaders, contributors to the profession, and catalysts for collaborations and partnerships.

  • 6. Which nation exhibits the highest demand for educators?

    China stands out as one of the primary employers of ESL teachers worldwide. The considerable job opportunities, combined with attractive benefits and a low cost of living, enable many ESL teachers to accumulate substantial savings while teaching in China.

  • 7. Which course stands out for aspiring English teachers?

    CELTA from Cambridge is a recognized qualification for teaching English as a foreign language. It holds global recognition as the most frequently requested English teaching qualification by employers. Three out of four English language teaching positions require a CELTA qualification*.

  • 8. What does the term field education refer to?

    Field education offers students supervised observational learning and practical, hands-on experience in the realm of social work, preparing them for professional practice in this field.

  • 9. What is the primary objective of field education?

    Field education serves as the foundation of successful social work practice. This program provides students with a supervised and supportive learning environment where they can integrate and apply their knowledge, values, and skills in social work.

  • 10. What constitute the three main categories of education?

    Education extends beyond the confines of the classroom. A child's learning is influenced both by experiences outside school and those within it, forming the basis of education. The three principal categories of education are Formal, Informal, and Non-formal.