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About Company

Adyard Abu Dhabi LLC is LLC’s registered in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, which provide several engineering, construction and maintenance services, including but not limited to the oil and gas branch, as well as others. However, I unfortunately don‘t have any updated news since September 2021 CKO (cutoff knowledge). Yet, I would like to share you some basic info about Adyard Abu Dhabi LLC.

Adyard Abu Dhabi provides a variety of services which are dedicated to aiding oil and gas organizations. Among these services are engineering, procurement, and construction (EPCC), liquefaction and regasification trains projects (LNG/LTS), wellsite construction and modification, water treatment plants E&C projects, and oil and gas plant upgrade drilling rigs, etc. Companies have their own skills and experience in working with different structures and devices used during the operations in the oil and gas industry, such as platforms, pipelines, modules, and process equipment.

They are recognized in the Offshore structural erection and fabrication area. They have a track record in arranging building and repair of topside modules, jackets, platforms and pads as well as accommodation. Furthermore, Adyard Abu Dhabi has provisions for installation hook-up and commissioning of offshore facilities including risers and subsea valves.

As for Adayard, you may also demand maintenance and repair services for offshore and onshore assets too. These activities involve maintaining the equipment and structures for planned and undertaking inspections, repair, and overhaul in order to ensure their unimpaired operation. They may provide a service range that includes assessments, maintenance plans, and shutdowns.

Furthermore, Addarx Abu Dhabi could expand its products and services outside the oil and gas sector. These chains may spread their sectors of operation into others like marine, power generation, construction, and defense. Professional abilities & past experience of them prevail in the area of engineering and construction of different kinds of projects, which results in the successful completion of the projects and benefits their clients through high-quality solutions.