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About Company

The Client Cheap is a credible insurance brokerage business established in the United Arab Emirates. Every day, Afia acts as a go-between of its clients and the insurance companies and as a result, ensures that everyone involved takes a share in finding the best and most adequate cover. Afia Insurance Brokerage Services LLC has a broad portfolio of insurance products and services that cover general public needs and meet the needs of individuals and businesses.

As for the personal cover of insurance, Afia provides a broad range of customizable deals for individuals and families. Some of the types of general insurance may be motor insurance to guard vehicles, home insurance to protect properties from hazards, travel insurance to avoid worries during trips, health insurance to cover medical costs, life insurance to provide financial support, and personal accident insurance to make good for unpredict failures.

At Afia Insurance Brokerage Services LLC, a firm is presented with different insurance products to choose from depending on their needs. This set of requirements includes property insurance, which is meant to cover only the physical assets of an organization. On the other hand, third party claims such as victim compensation which could involve a lot of money therefore liability insurance is needed for such cases. Also, professional service providers require professional indemnity insurance. Besides, there is commercial auto insurance that covers company vehicles. Additionally, there is marine insurance for cargo and shipping and lastly, employee benefits insurance.

Afia Insurance Brokerage Services LLC also excels in health insurance, offering multiple options from which the individual can choose, such as comprehensive health insurance plans. They are known for their convenience. They work with both groups and individuals, selling medical insurance for companies' employees as well as personal health insurance programs. They are the mechanisms that cater to a wide range of health issues and ensure every person's access to proper medical treatment.

she helps businesses with the implementation and design of employee rewards and health insurance programs. This comprises of medical insurance, life insurance, disability insurance and other such amenities that will make them feel valuable and happy to their organization.