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About Company

The AL Boom Marine is a company based in the UAE and focuses on the sales, distribution, and maintenance of marine equipment, water sports products, and luxury boats.

AL Boom Marine is specialized in services connected with the marine industry. They are well-known for their sales and distributing products from boats that include luxury yachts, fishing boats, and recreational vessels. They collaborate with famous international brands and offer people the options to pick depending on their choices and specific needs.

Alongside with the boat sales, AL Boom Marine's services for maintaining and repairing the boats and marine equipment are offered as well. As we have qualified and skilled technicians and service centers to make sure that customers’ boats are running fine and in good condition.

In addition, AL Boom Marine is engaged in distribution of water sports products and accessories. They provide a range of activities like wakeboarding, water skiing, kayaking, paddle boarding and much more. Their offerings include equipment, apparel, and accessories for both athletes and enthusiasts of fitness.

The AL Boom Marine with their adherence to quality, customer satisfaction and the variety of marine services and products brought them a strong reputation in the UAE's marine industry.

The official website of AL Boom Marine is where you can get the latest and most detailed information about their products and services, or if you want to contact them you can do it directly.