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About Company

The MUG's achievement can be understood as an outcome of its capability to respond effectively to new market needs and its ability to work within strict rules and regulations. The organization operates on principles that involve or rather reflect respect, hard work, and involvement, which the members have consistently maintained. MY ANTIQUE GOODS (MUG) is intended to ensure perfection and overcome obstacles by including international expansion in its strategy for growth.

MUG’s vision is to establish a well-developed tech sector and to run the services to perfection. An outstanding attribute of the business is its compliance with the principle of being a total solution provider for engineering, transport, and other areas where it is active. The MUG Company, one of the leading service providers in the United Arab Emirates, assigns the utmost importance to human assets in doing its best to fulfil the corporation’s targets and objectives.

Through its market targeting strategy, MU, G focuses on providing an affordable and high-quality product concerning the performance and delivery of services to its clients and suppliers. The company aims to offer outstanding customer service at the best value, targeting the clients’ total satisfaction, being helpful, reliable and for one team work only.

MUG focuses on a sustainable business model instead of only instant financial gains. The company tries to realize its dreams and this way both workers and customers profit from their operations. The MUG’s staff is strongly dedicated to the cause, the customers are its big shot and the vendors and suppliers work together with the MUG. These are therefore the key players behind the successful business.