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About Company

Al Masaood Bergum, we have come in contact with one of the leading companies specialized in designing and manufacturing modular building systems and turn-key prefab solutions. Founded in 1978, the Company has proven itself as a key participant in this industry, supporting its customers in the Middle East and Europe.

When the prefabrication systems were first introduced to the region, Al Masaood Bergum took the lead in their implementation and had them brought there 41 years ago 41 years ago. In this way, the technology was imported to the Middle East.

It is the Company's team of the best-qualified engineers and professionals who have developed some winning projects that have been recognized for their excellence, which the Company is proud of. Those projects which follow the highest international standards of process efficiency, safety, environmental regulations and overall quality. The Al Masaood Bergum is a member of both the public and private sectors, which can meet the specific sectors and needs of each sector of society.

Through applying their skill, avant-garde manufacturing methods, and commitment to customer satisfaction, AL MASAAOD BERGUM remains a reliable supplier of modular building systems (foreign language to replace) in the industry.

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