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About Company

Al Rawabi Careers is a leader in the United Arab Emirates food and beverage industry from the Emirate of Al Ain. It is only making dairy produces, juices and other food items developed for this purpose. Al Rawabi has various avenues for employment not limited to Marketing Department, Logistics Department and so forth. Additionally, though I won't have the access to the real-time job postings, I can give general information on different career options that one can take working with Al Rawabi.

Production and Operations: Al Rawabi serves the science with its advanced production factories. Work in this discipline implies the management of manufacturing, control of quality and logistics, coordination of supply chain, and operations excellence.

Sales and Marketing: This Division is solely charged with marketing-oriented activities such as promoting the manufacturers' products, developing marketing plans, managing customer interactions, and more importantly, expanding the market area. A market career roles can be placed as the sales executives, marketing managers, brand ambassadors as well as key account holders.

Research and Development: The authentic falafel produced by Al Rawabi is based on innovation and product development. In Al Rawabi Careers, it is about something like that: you create new dairy and beverage products, bring the existing products to the next level, and conduct the research that could allow you to broaden the range of your company products. 

Quality Assurance and Food Safety: Al Rawabi realizes that food quality is probably the thing mainly which similar business entities take into account hence it focuses on quality control and food safety practices. Positions within this field entail carrying out quality assurance procedures, organizing inspections, establishing protocols for food safety compliance and obtaining quality certifications.

Supply Chain and Logistics: ASC can be defined as the supply chain department which controls from the production to the distribution of goods. The key here is the variety of jobs, for instance, one may be choosing between a role of a supply chain manager, a logistics coordinator, an inventory planner, or a procurement specialist.

To get Al Rawabi Careers jobs posts currently, a good practice would be visiting their official site or job portals for any updates on the available positions, requirements, and application process. Furthermore, you may sign up to their Linkedin page and message their HR department for additional information on Govt. job opportunities with their company.