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About Company

Al Ryum Group of Companies is the most recognized conglomerate in the UAE, which is the home of the business. Established in 1990, the society has managed to grow and diversify into a fully fledged business entity with interests in different sectors like construction and real estate, healthcare, hospitality, and manufacturing.

Striving for excellence, constant innovation and sustainability building are the main principles that the group tries to apply to the all of its ventures. It has successfully completed a number of landmark projects in UAE and beyond and it sept a high contribution in the upgrade of the infrastructure in the region.

The Al Ryum Group of Companies activities encompass construction projects in residential and commercial areas as well as infrastructural and industrial installations. Similarly, it is doing business in the healthcare industry by having hospitals and medical centers, offering the local residents high-quality health services.

Besides its main business, Al Ryum Group of Companies possesses shareholdings in tourism with a place in the lodge and recreational facilities area. Its manufacturing capacity is multi-faceted and it produces a wide range of products from construction materials to industrial equipment.

In summary, Al Ryum Group of Companies is deemed a dominant LLC in the United Arab Emirates and boasts a good name for excellence in construction and provision of services to different sectors.