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About Company

Alam Group is a prominent company with numerous business units stretching across different industries. Holding a strong presence in Pakistan and prominent standing in the global leather, polymer, and textile industries makes Alam Group Sharjah a recognized and visionary organization.

The company focuses on continuous growth and improvement and is led by experienced and competent leaders. The management team is committed to making the company successful and achieving new heights.

Alam Group is famous for its breakthrough technologies that take on some of the most challenging and complex problems that the world is facing. The organization has repeatedly demonstrated its capability to develop revolutionary ideas by successfully implementing its projects.

Mr. Mian Muhammad Rafiq was the company's founder, established with a mission to provide various industries such as manufacturing, trading, real estate, and stocks. Soon after, the youngest son, Mian Muhammad Shafique Alam, stepped up and continued his father's legacy.

Alam Group has experienced tremendous growth through the years, expanding from a small group of dedicated workers to a large, multifaceted organization with various industries and services. Their dedication to providing quality services and products has contributed immensely to many people in Pakistan and many parts of the globe who have attained their dreams.

Since its establishment more than 150 years ago, Alam Group 

 Sharjah has maintained its long-term vision and still offers its customers the best products and services. Please be aware that the information discussed here is based on ayour submitted description, and I only have a few specific data about Alam Group.