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About Company

Anchor Allied Industrial Exports, Inc. is an organization established in Pakistan and widely known for producing and distributing a wide variety of items to the markets. Even though I do not have access to the newest data or news that has happened since my education date, which was in September last year, I can still give you some general information about the company.

By Anchor Allied factory Ltd is recognized for make different items across their various industrial fields. They have knowledge of processes for such operations as the production and distribution of, adhesives and sealants, packaging materials, specialty chemicals, and construction materials. His company has a broad spectrum of products for users in both the consumer and the industrial niche markets.

The Anchor Allied Factory Limited supplies wide range of the products to the adhesive and sealant sector. They are having construction adhesives, wood adhesives, general purpose adhesives, pipe adhesives for PVC and some industrial sealants as well. These items are included under the industrial products, and we can find their utility in industries ranging from construction to automotive, packaging to woodworking.

The company is also a production line of packaging materials The group produces different types of stretch films, cling films, shrink films and tapes that aid in packaging as well as logistics, ensuring that the goods are kept safe in transit.

Anchor Allied Factory Ltd is characterized by its high quality and customer satisfaction in every aspect. Their aim is to come up with secure and scalable products that match the demanding requirements of their customers. They are capable of putting their products into various markets and into international markets through the strong distribution channel of the company.

Kindly, be reminded that the actual product suite delivered by Anchor Allied Factory Ltd or the company's specific manufacturing capabilities or distribution channels could have advanced or be different from the picture described herein from my knowledge cut off in Year 2021 September. The latest and reliable information, I advise availing the company or their official website.