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About Company

The Department of Finance (DOF)'s vision is to make smart decisions about how to spend public money so that the emirate can reach its long-term economic goals and stay on the right track. They also make sure that resources are used in line with the strategies set by the Executive Council of Dubai so that financial operations are carried out effectively and efficiently.

 DOF wants to improve its employees' skills and make them stand out. So, it offers specialized training programs and different happiness programs to all of its workers, no matter what level they are. It also takes care of and rewards its smart employees.

 The remote work method and flexible work hours were put in place by DOF. It has an integrated program for getting new workers up to speed called "Hayyakom." In a modern and stylish office setting, it also has a nursery for workers' kids between the ages of three months and four years. All of these things have made the company one of the happiest in the government, and its employee turnover rate is one of the lowest.