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About Company

Dubai Petroleum is a key player in the upstream segment of the oil and gas industry in the Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).  It was established in 1963 with the objective of exploring and producing hydrocarbon resources within Dubai's offshore waters. The company has been instrumental in discovering and developing oil fields in the region, contributing significantly to the UAE's petroleum industry.

Dubai Petroleum focuses on optimizing production from its existing fields while also exploring opportunities to develop new resources. The company employs advanced technologies and techniques to enhance recovery rates and extend the lifespan of its reservoirs.

Like many modern oil and gas companies, Dubai Petroleum leverages technology and data analytics to optimize drilling, production, and reservoir management. This commitment to innovation helps maximize resource recovery and improve operational efficiency.

Dubai Petroleum often collaborates with international oil and gas companies, leveraging their expertise and resources for more efficient operations and project development.

Dubai Petroleum's role in Dubai's long-term energy strategy remains vital as the emirate seeks to diversify its energy sources and transition towards a more sustainable future