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About Company

Estemarat Group Dubai is a well-respected corporation with a world headquarters in Dubai, UAE. Through having an array of companies functioning in different industries in the region, Estemarat Group has turned itself into an important player in the industry. undefined

Diversified Business Portfolio:Estemarat Group Dubai is an investment holding company with its interests and investments spread over real estate, construction, hospitality, healthcare, retail and many other fields. The organization's portfolio include different types of companies where it can take advantage of opportunities that are created in various sectors.

Real Estate and Construction: As part of our business plan, the Estemarat Group is engaged in the construction and real estate development of various projects. They SDL will carry out housing, shopping, business, and mixed-use projects that consolidate the urbanization and infrastructure development of Dubai.

Hospitality: The organization has investments in the hotel area, namely hotels, resorts, and apartments for service. They hold essential qualities to ensure the excellence of their guest’s stay and accommodate the tourists’ varying needs while in Dubai.

Healthcare: At Estemarat Group, we highly appreciate the role of health and have various investments in healthcare facilities and services. Such facilities include hospitals, clinics, and medical centers that offer various medical subspecialties and treatment modalities to the local population and the general public.

Retail and Consumer Goods: Estemarat Group Dubai currently also has retail sector interests in the form of retail outlets, shopping centers, and products for consumers. They have, moreover, a significant role in Dubai's retail sector, providing for the diverse shopping tastes of both locals and tourists.

As an Estemarat Group a one prominent business entity in Dubai the size of its operations continues to grow further and it tries to explore new opportunities and so contribute to the advancement and growing of the local business sector. Note that, the above brief includes only general overview of the Estemarat Group Dubai that may not be inclusive of all subsidiaries, ventures or the most recent developments.