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About Company

ITP Media Group which is one of the biggest media groups in the region, having strong operations in the Middle East and North Africa. ITP Media Group has been making strides by diversifying their portfolio in publications, digital platforms, events as well as programs to cater to broader audience.

ITP Media Group is involved in a series of sectors that frequently include lifestyle, entertainment, fashion, business, technology, etc. They own and release hundreds of well-known magazines and digital publications that touch on particular and widespread topics. It’s ITP Media Group’s commitment to bridging the gap between print and digital media across multiple industries that span from lifestyle and fashion magazines to business and technology publications.

ITP Media Group does not only print and distribute magazines or books but also organizes events, exhibitions, and conferences. These events create the chances for networking, knowledge sharing, and the addition of popularity for thumbnails that fall outside the scope of industries. The events held by ITP Media Group Dubai are highly rated for superior quality and proficiency and attract a vast arena of enthusiasts and experts in the relevant industry.

In addition to the conventional media buys of ITP Media Group Dubai, digital marketing and advertising consultancy solutions are provided to enable businesses to reach out to the target audience effectively. With the help of their digital platforms and a very strong online presence, they strengthen brands by letting them advertise on different digital platforms, where their power of digital media makes it possible to raise brand awareness and engagement.

Another quality for which ITP Media has built a name is its deep knowledge and skill in producing quality content and media solutions, which create exciting spectacles that viewers live. Its constant striving to lead the way in the world of media and tech gives it that assurance. Its ability to provide the best information in the market means that it is the most sought-after by advertisers and marketers.

ITP Media Group is the leader in the Middle East and North Africa zone’s media industry, and it possesses a diversified set of products which include publications, events, digital platforms and advertising solutions. Their wide array of media outlets, ITP Media Group remains an influential factor for the formation of the diverse multi-sector media environment and a connection between companies and audiences of different spheres.