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About Company

The renowned KEO International Consultants is a multidisciplinary consulting firm whose offices are situated in the Middle East. KEO is undoubtedly an example of excellence, having served for over 50 years and with a remarkable array of services, including architectural, engineering, project management, and planning.

To provide high-end solutions, the KEO team carries out multifaceted projects across infrastructure, healthcare, hospitality, residential, etc. Their expertise covers blueprinting, designing, construction control, sustainable development, and digital transformation.

The organization is determined to offer improved and ecological solutions to satisfy both the client's goals and community development. KEO's strategic collaboration, in sync with their local intelligence and the meticulousness of their global expertise, ensures the projects culminate into a masterpiece complementary to the project's specific needs.

For a long time,  KEO International Consultants has been the Maestro behind the fantastic array of projects in the region, not just the one in the Middle East. They provide services related to various types of buildings, including mixed-use developments, cultural centres, transportation hubs, and urban regeneration areas. KEO's experience of quality and professional awards have valued him highly inside the industry.

On top of its design engineering capabilities, KEO provides highly respected services in the industry, including sustainability consulting, asset management, and digital transformation. They can rely on the latest state-of-the-art technologies and industry management standards to achieve optimal results and add value for their clients.

This plant has made itself the preferred brand of clients in search of wide-ranging consulting solutions by being utterly dedicated to quality, innovation, and sustainability. Being able to boast of the unmatched knowledge acquired through years of experience combined with multidisciplinary competence, KEO International Consultants has successfully directed the built environment and contributed to development in the Middle East and beyond.