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About Company

Lamprell, a leading and renowned business in the energy field, focusing on engineering contract services for offshore and onshore projects. With its headquarters in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Lamprell has a strong presence in the Middle East and has successfully undertaken projects worldwide.

The company is a perfect example, with over 40 years as a leader in platform erection, platform refurbishing and upgrading, rig upgrading, and other offshore structures such as fabrication workshop building. Lamprell's services cover various engineering disciplines, including structural fabrication, electrical and instrumentation installation, mechanical assembly, and project management. Lamprell runs the best yards, including the Hamriyah and Jebel yellow yards. These yards are fully equipped with sophisticated machinery and apply the most advanced technologies. These facilities enable Lamprell to handle large-scale offshore projects efficiently and effectively.

Lamprel is firmly positioned to provide closure on projects from concept to completion. From concept and design to fabrication, construction, and commissioning, the company works closely with its clients to deliver tailored solutions that meet their specific requirements. Lamprell focuses on maintaining quality standards and safety levels. Lamprell appends environmental sustainability in its operations.

In addition to its offshore capabilities, Lamprell offers onshore services, providing engineering, procurement, and construction expertise for land-based energy projects. This includes creating power generation facilities, petrochemical plants, other industrial infrastructure, transportation routes, and trade routes that will undoubtedly support the secondary industry. Lamprell's commitment to excellence is evident in its adherence to industry standards and certifications. The company has strongly emphasized safety, health, and environmental issues by adopting sterling practices that protect employees and stakeholders from risks and disasters.