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About Company

Legacy Smart Employment Services is a serious-minded employer agency committed to changing the status quo regarding employment by implementing game-changing solutions that guarantee job seekers and employers a lasting solution. Using our job matching algorithms of the highest standard that run on AI technology, we offer job seekers positions that genuinely match their abilities and career aspirations, ultimately leading to greater job satisfaction and retention rates for companies.

Encompassing the whole spectrum of career development, where individuals will acquire the skills and essentials required to excel in the now-changing job markets, our employer solutions simplify company recruitment activities by helping them build teams to ensure sustainability and growth. Via workforce analytics, the company provides the emergence of essential information on industry trends, enabling companies to make informed decisions on talent acquisition and retention.

Besides, our attitude towards equality brings the benefit of a supportive and welcoming atmosphere where every employee can reach their full potential. We aim to facilitate training and upskilling through programs that will equip individuals with the necessary tools to remain ahead in their fields of work. The vision of Legacy Smart Employment Services is to make a difference and see a future where everybody has a chance to make a living on their own. Businesses can thrive thanks to their highly educated and versatile staff.