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About Company

Mawaheb Management LLC strives to become a creative, safe, and welcoming space for people with special needs to show their artistic side. Art encompasses many manners such as painting, drawing, sculpting, or any other creative form via which participants can discover their artistic skills and hone their talent. Besides the space for their artistic talent, Mawaheb Management LLCi s also committed to instilling vital life skills in their participants. Such skills might be called communication, social interaction, problem-solving, teamwork, and self-presentation. Through the process of taking part in artistic activities, persons living with special needs can learn and build skills that will help to attain independence and develop their capabilities.

Mawaheb is not only a platform that gives the opportunity, but a platform for people to exhibit their talents. Through organizing art exhibitions, events, or shows, Mawaheb provides a platform where participants would be able to display their artistic pieces of work and abilities for sharing with the larger community in the city. It is worth mentioning that not only does this platform serve as a tool for inclusivity and accepting people with special needs but it also provides them with recognition and respect that reflect their unique abilities.

Through Mawaheb Management LLC activities and programs, the organization hopes to support society’s most vulnerable groups and help them lead independent and useful lives. Through a light-hearted environment where their possibilities are praised, and their artistic skills are further developed, Mawaheb becomes a very useful resource and a strong foundation of its community. It should be added that what the local entities or initiatives under the name "Mawaheb" are doing is subject to variations.