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MNC is a Multinational Corporation acronym. In this context, it is a term that denotes a company with a broad geographical footprint in several countries that operates not only in some separate countries but also has extensive business operations in different locations of the world as well. MNCs may be defined as firms with the capacity to facilitate multinational trading processes, e.g., production, sales, and delivery, internationally. This is made possible through the use of subsidiaries, branches, or affiliates located in different countries, thus The scope of operations has been expanded globally and the firm can capitalize on the available markets, resources, and business availabilities. MNCs are customarily the framework of the centralized management and their directions towards strategy planning and decision-making are mainly concentrated at the corporate headquarters. Without a doubt, they form a significant part of the world's economy by stimulating economic growth, creating jobs, transferring technology, and helping to increase the level of international trade. To better illustrate the level of MNCs, companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and Toyota may serve as well-known examples.