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About Company

Sandy Paws LLC is a never-ending well of fun for pets and their owners with its many services and facilities available. Underpinned with great determination to give a warm and pleasurable experience, Sandy Paws LLC earns for itself a special place in the hearts of human beings and their pets. Our facility’s premier features are well posed, including roomy play spaces, cozy sleeping areas, and even designated pet-friendly zones that will ensure that your pets feel relaxed and comfortable all the time. Dogs and cats are treated in a luxurious fashion by a dedicated group of highly trained employees who are kind-hearted and share a common hobby of animals. It ranges from pet clipping and bathing to veterinary care and pet sitting job. Therefore, these services provide for every individual animal needs. In the same vein, the company appreciates the value of mental stimulation and socialization in dogs and offers to playgroups, entertaining toys and exercises to make the pets to both physically and mentally active. Besides, the facility is operated under particular cleanliness standards and under strict hygiene protocols, making sure that all pets are always healthy and safe. Our company, Sandy Paws LLC, has a very close participation with the community by organizing adoption drives, educational workshops as well as pet-related activities for the purpose of promoting the right and responsible pet ownership and raising the awareness on animal welfare. Finally, Sandy Paws LCC has become a role model in the establishment of pet-friendly restaurants with its excellent services and facilities that create happy world for the pets and peace of mind for the owners.