Silver Coast Construction & Boring Ltd

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About Company

Silver Coast Construction & Boring Ltd is a construction and infrastructure company based in the United Arab Emirates. It serves several purposes, including providing construction and engineering services to different projects.

We work independently and with EPC Contractors and Specialized Contractors in different types of construction, such as residential, commercial, and industrial infrastructure and the oil and gas sector. These visionary entities take on various projects, including constructing buildings, villas, warehouses, factories, roads, bridges, pipelines, and utilities.

Acme offers turnkey services comprising project management, engineering, construction, infrastructure development, and specialized drilling and boring services. They strive to meet high industry standards by combining the key elements and maintaining customer specifications.

Silver Coast Construction& Boring is well-equipped with experts, developers, and project managers who handle their jobs. They apply the latest building methods and machines to guarantee on-time start-up of the proposed development.

It is recommended that the last known events in the history of the Silver Coast Construction & Boring LLC company be referred to as September 2021. You can obtain the most recent information through their official website or contact them directly for more up-to-date information about their projects and services.