Sinotrans Middle East FZE

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About Company

Sinotrans Middle East Free Zone Company is a daughter company of Sinotrans Limited, a Chinese state company dealing with logistics. Sinotrans Middle East FZE operates as a logistics and freight forwarding company, providing services to facilitate trade and transportation between the Middle East and China.

With the Sinotrans Group as a sister company, Sinorans Middle East FZE benefits explicitly from its parent company’s considerable worldwide reach and leadership in logistics supply chain management. The company offers comprehensive solutions for air freight, sea freight, land transportation, warehousing, customs clearance, and other related services.

Over the years, Sinotrans Middle East FZE has emerged as the essential connecting point between the Middle East and China, ensuring the flawless trade of goods, products, and materials across international borders. The company works closely with businesses in various industries, including manufacturing, retail, automotive, electronics, and more.

The Sinotrans Middle East FZE localization in the Middle East region helps the Middle East logistics industry to receive the targeted logistics demands. The company has established relationships with local partners, customs authorities, and transportation providers to ensure efficient and seamless operations.

Songtrans Middle East FZE concentrates on the services of safe and low-cost logistics. It offers end-to-end supply chain management services, assisting with cargo consolidation, documentation, customs compliance, and timely delivery. The company implements high-end track and tracing procedures to give you real-time delivery status and optimize the logistics process without a glitch.