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About Company

The The Emirates Group News, a giant conglomerate of companies in the UAE with a number of sectors Operating in the aviation, travel and tourism. In 1985, this association came to be and then continued to develop into one of the largest and most influential entities, which contribute in shaping the UAE’s economy and the world connection.

At the core of the Emirates Group is Emirates Airline, one of the largest and most renowned international airlines with broad network, and a fleet of the newest and most technologically advanced aircrafts. Emirates flies from Dubai International Airport to more than 150 destinations on all six continents, through its hub. This hub in Dubai connects people from all around the world.

As Emirates Airline, the Emirates Group consists of the subgrouping a range of companies and divisions, such as Emirates SkyCargo (the airline’s cargo department), Emirates Holidays (tour operator offering vacation packages), Emirates Engineering (provisioning of aircraft maintenance and engineering services), and (a global air services provider offering ground handling, cargo, travels.

I would also like to note that the Emirates Group News has besides the aviation sector investments in other sectors such as hospitality, retail, real estate, and financial services. Leveraging its diversified portfolio and relationship-building approaches, the group aspires to reach the country and other international markets. This progressive thinking and commitment provide a platform for innovation, growth, and strengths that spread over industries.

The brand mission of The Emirates Group News includes quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. As a result, a symbol of success and pride lives within the country. It is a significant platform for the UAE to achieve a global aviation and tourism hub status.