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About Company

UNION COOP is an outstanding UAE cooperative brand that operates in the retail trade sector. It was in 1982 that the UNION COOP was launched and continues operating hypermarkets, supermarkets, and convenience stores covering Dubai and northern Emirates.

Being an equal democratic structure, UNION COOP is a cooperative that applies the principles of cooperative ownership and democratic governance. It,is,however, managed and overseen,by one of the credit unions whose member-owners are UAE nationals. The cooperative model provides the members to be partners in decision making processes as well as a share of the profits to be earned from the cooperative.

UNION COOP career supplies the customers with the wide lines of products and services which meet various requirements of their customers. The shops they operate usually carry the whole assortment of grocery products, fresh fruits and vegetables, household goods, private label goods, electronics, fashionable clothing items as well as other accessories. The cooperative goal is to serve the community by supplying good quality products, at a decent price and in large quantities, thereby meeting the customer's needs.

To expand the scope of its activities, UNION COOP career not only functions as a retailer but also actively participates in a lot of community projects and social initiatives. They give an addition of the society wellbeing by running various philanthropic activities aiming at offering assistance to the community, conducting education campaigns, implementing environmental sustainability projects, and supporting local business.

Through many years, UNION COOP has managed to get urgely popular in the region of the UAE and has gathered a faithful customer group. Very much due to their ability to stick to high quality, affordable prices and commitment to engagement of the community, UNION COOP remains at the top of the shelves in UAE. retail sector.

In the article below I gathered information based on knowledge available to public, and details on UNION COOP operations in this month could be different from my update I wrote in September, 2021.