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About Company

YAS Holding is a prominent UAE-based investment and holding company in Abu Dhabi. It is active in many sectors, including real estate and hospitality, healthcare, education, and technology.

The company's real estate arm concentrates on developing, managing, and investing in residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties, adopting different strategies for each. They strive to develop novel and environmentally responsible real estate ventures promoting various regional economic activities.

YAS Holding owns and manages luxury hotels, resorts, and serviced apartments as its property. They are committed to making their brand stand out by delivering an excellent customer experience and accommodating holiday and business tourists.

Besides, YAS Investments is also involved in the healthcare sector, leading the way in bringing up advanced medical facilities and excellent healthcare services. They can own and manage hospitals, health centers, and clinics, with the ultimate goal of discussing improving healthcare infrastructure in the area.

The business's participation in the education industry can be seen in its investments in schools, colleges, or universities, aiming to guarantee quality education and knowledge-based programs.

Moreover, the portfolio of YASH Holding would comprise investments in tech companies, startups, and any other prospects. They can notably fund innovation, digital transformation, and technological advancements by incubating seed tech companies or linking with the industry.

As a company focused on investments and direct holdings, YAS Holding participates in investment detection, property management, and driving the growth of businesses across its various sectors. Their investment profile covers diversified industry types through which mutual economic benefits will be realized in Abu Dhabi and beyond.