Iontophoresis devices for excessive sweating treatment from hands and feet

   13 Oct 22

AED 3,000


Iontophoresis machines like the RA Fischer is the best machine to treat excessive sweating from hands palm, and feet. R.A. Fischer is one of the leading vendors of Iontophoresis devices in US and is available by prescription only. The Fischer MD-2 is a programmable Iontophoresis device specially designed for the medical treatment of Hyperhidrosis. The MD-2 includes several pre-set treatment modes, and its customizable user memory allows a one-touch set-up, along with two methods of automatic polarity reversal for virtually hands-free operation. Pulsed Current with Auto-reversing polarity A 32-character LCD Touchpad keyboard, Microprocessor control of output level Self-regulating current Programmable intensity and timing Seven pre-set modes (session settings) Custom user memory for one-touch operation Autosense current sensor to reduce the sensation Treatment timer with audio alarm

Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE

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