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Power 52 Royal Honey In Pakistan | 03002010052

   16 Nov 23

AED 9,500


Power 52 Royal Honey In Pakistan

10g x 24 pieces per box
Reference: (Royal Honey VIP contains 1 box of 10g x 12 bottles)
RoyalHoneyPOWER52 Royal Honey POWER52 (Royal Honey) [1 box of 24 bottles]
Introducing POWER52, which is on par with Royal Honey's VIP!
It comes in a pack of 24 and is more affordable than VIP.

Please try Royal Honey with your partner, which contains sophisticated high-quality ingredients wrapped in the sweetness of honey.

Royal Honey, a health food that strengthens hormones with the power of pure honey and Tongkat Ali, which is famous for its nourishing and tonic effects, is made with four ingredients that energize your body from the core.


Ingredients per bag (10g):

Honey 9.7g
Honey larva powder 0.1g
Korean ginseng powder 0.1g
Tongkat ali 0.1g

?Honey (Honey)


Pure honey is a cholesterol and fat burning nutritional supplement with antibacterial properties.

?Honey larva powder

It contains many nutrients such as amino acids necessary for cell formation, vitamin ABCD complex, zinc that strengthens bones and improves taste, and selenium that increases energy.

?Korean ginseng


Since ancient times, it has been used as a tonic and tonic herb, and contains many ingredients that are effective in recovering from fatigue and increasing energy.

?Tongkat Ali


It has the effect of increasing male hormone levels and improves, promotes, and supports the basal metabolic rate.

How to take

Consume 1 sachet 1 hour before the activity.

If your purpose is to treat ED or enlarge your penis, please take it once every 3 days.

There is no problem in drinking it as it is, but if you don't like honey, you can enjoy it by mixing it with milk or yogurt, or spreading it on bread etc.

side effects


Because it has a blood circulation promoting effect, you may experience bloodshot eyes and mild headaches, but these symptoms will subside over time.

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