Best places to buy furniture in Dubai

Best places to buy furniture in Dubai

We all have different preferences when it comes to home furnishings, but where can you find the pieces that will make your house a reflection of your style? It's no trouble! Thank goodness, Dubai is home to many furniture shops that can assist you in designing the decor of your dreams. Let's look at it.

List of Dubai's Best Furniture Stores

We've compiled a list of Dubai home furnishings stores where you can find both stunning statement pieces and reasonably priced furniture. We have made an effort to highlight a few of the more well-known furniture stores in Dubai because some of them have many locations.

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Ceramic Barn

Pottery Barn, a well-known brand in the Dubai furniture market, provides the ideal fusion of contemporary and traditional designs to give your house an opulent appearance. Their product line includes couches, chairs, desks, lamps, and more indoor and outdoor furniture!

Additionally, they offer a wide variety of bathroom and bedroom decor accessories. The best thing is that, on items with limited supply, you might get a fantastic 25% to 75% discount. This upmarket furniture chain has locations in Dubai's Mirdiff City Center, Dubai Hills Mall, and The Dubai Mall.

places to buy furniture

Dubai Crate and Barrel

Crate and Barrel is one of the greatest furniture stores in Dubai for people wishing to update their homes with fashionable interiors because of its stunning modern designs and incredible discounts. Their selection includes rugs, lamps, and bathroom accessories, as well as furniture for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Additionally, the Kitchen by Crate provides a variety of tools and accessories to meet all of your needs if you want to stock up on kitchenware. Use the discount code HELLO15 to receive 15% off your first purchase or up to 60% off on some lines.


That One

THE ONE is a unique furniture store in Dubai with an extremely eclectic selection of in-house-created furniture and elegant accessories. It is one of Dubai's more reasonably priced furniture retailers.

To decorate your living room, dining room, bedroom, or child's room, you can pick from their on-trend group, luxuries fusion line, and simpler for children and Outdoor labels.

You can get flowers, candles, chandeliers, rugs, and different wall hangings in addition to furniture to liven up your home a bit. They have some excellent discount deals, and free delivery is available for orders over AED 1000.

places to buy furniture

The off-center

One of the best furniture stores in Dubai to purchase a unique centerpiece for your living room or a set of colored-blocked couches for your lounge is The Odd Piece. It has a large selection of retro furnishings and accessories that can let your home reflect the true you.

There, you can go through various styles of dining tables, lounge chairs, trolleys, desktops, and vintage bar cabinets. To fulfill your demand for elegance and flair, The Odd Piece sources its furniture from all around the world.


Interior Design in a Marina

Marina Home is the place to go if you're seeking some timeless designs for your home furnishings. It is the most modern furniture and lifestyle company in Dubai, offering lovely items that exhibit innovation and originality. Here, everything from clocks to furnishings is offered.


Chat rooms and more

We promise you that Chattels & More is your best choice if stunning glory is what you want. It is one of Dubai's upscale furniture retailers. At this store, you may discover anything that matches your personality and sense of style, whether you want to furnish your home with a lively or cozy atmosphere.

Its bedroom ensemble, which includes a stylish bed, a 6-door cabinet, and a gorgeous oak chest, is perfect. Similarly to that, its living room and dining room collections merit high recognition for having outside seats and retractable futons.



There is no need to introduce IKEA. The brand is well-known because it recognizes consumer requirements and wants and provides them with solutions that always work. In truth, IKEA is one of Dubai's less expensive furniture retailers. Additionally, it offers a variety of decorative items and culinary equipment that make beautiful additions to any home.

They will provide you with useful storage solutions and space-efficient items, all while helping you give your cookie-cutter house some personality.


Budapest Home

Danube Home is renowned for its furnishing suggestions that work well with people's requirements. You may find every article related to your house here, from ottomans to the ideal wardrobe for your children.

They provide free shipping on purchases over AED 200 and have a 40% off sale on garden furniture, which seems like a great deal to us. Therefore, if you want to enhance your outdoor experience, now might be your chance.


Dark Living

With its chic and upscale furniture and accessories, Indigo Living makes it easy for you to decorate your house tastefully. At Indigo, you can get numerous duvets and countertop decorations, cabinets, placemats, napkins, floral stems, fragrant candles, ceiling lights, and table lamps.

  • On some goods, you can get a 70% discount.



Tribe, a bespoke home décor company in Dubai, raises the bar by using environmentally friendly, sustainably produced, and ethically sourced materials to create its goods. People travel from all around Dubai to shop here for chic furniture and bathroom accessories for this reason.

If you want to brighten up your modest refuge, install any of these products there and design your home in a bohemian style, which Tribe gives you in several styles.

Grass It Up, La Veranda Home and Garden, Maze Rattan Furniture, and Ambar Garden Furniture all sell outdoor garden furniture in Dubai.