A complete guide to parking in Abu Dhabi

A complete guide to parking in Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi Parking Payment Method 

Public Parking charges in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Parking permit types

Abu Dhabi parking fines




Modern infrastructure and vibrant city life welcome you to Abu Dhabi's parking world. Abu Dhabi's parking system includes free parking, payment options, limits, and current data. For a pleasant ride, residents and visitors must comprehend Abu Dhabi's parking landscape.

Abu Dhabi Parking Payment Method 

Abu Dhabi's ITC offers many parking payment options. You can choose your preferred payment option. Explore the capital city's parking payment options.


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Mawaqif Recharging cards

Motorists can buy Mawaqif Rechargeable Cards for parking fees. By registering for a Mawaqif (stored value account), parking fees are automatically subtracted. SMS parking payments are available. See Mawaqif SMS Parking for details.

  • AED 50 buys a parking card with the same balance. When you link the card to your Mawaqif account, the balance will be added.
  • The Abu Dhabi parking rules improve road safety.

How can I activate my Mawqif rechargeable card?


  • Check out these online rechargeable card activation steps.

For Mawaqif account applications, visit ITC's website.


  • Create or login to your Mawaqif account.
  • Click "Link Rechargeable Card" and enter card information.
  • Linking the card will send you a confirmation SMS and the card balance.
  • SMS your Mawaqif rechargeable card number to 3009 to activate it: Reference: LINK, CARD NO, CVC.
  • Note the 16-digit card number. On the right of the card number is the 3-digit Card Verification Code (CVC). 

The account must be linked to a driver's Du or Etisalat mobile number for Abu Dhabi parking charges. Once your Mawaqif account is created, you must fund city paid parking using DARB.


Link your card to DARB to recharge. Register or log in to Darb on the website or app. Manager wallet card, then add a new wallet card. Complete the card details and submit.


Self Service Kiosks sell MAWAQiF services and can recharge the card with cash or credit.

 Service Of M-Mawaqif

Official Mawaqif accounts allow you to use M-Mawaqif, a value-added service that lets drivers pay parking costs on their phones.

Darbi Mobile is available online and in the app store. What the ITC portal can tell you:


  • Shopping Mall Parking
  • The Mawaqif Customer Care Centers
  • Parking Realtime
  • POD Parking
  • Parking Mawaqif

Public Parking Charges in Abu Dhabi

The Mawaqif system, which classifies parking zones based on demand and location, is responsible for managing the public parking fees in Abu Dhabi. The fees are structured accordingly

  • Standard parking spots (those with black and blue curbs) cost AED 2 per hour and AED 15 for 24 hours.
  • Premium parking spots (those with white and blue curbs) cost 3 AED per hour.
  • Sundays and national holidays are free days to park.

Parking permit types

Drivers can choose and apply for parking alternatives in Mawaqif. Different parking permits are listed below.

Residential Parking

Residential owners and tenants can get parking permits. A house owner's or tenant's mother, father, wife, brothers, and sisters can also get this permit. This only applies if they share a house.

The inspection report states that Emirati family members living in the house are eligible for four free parking permits. The Villas are inspected, and licenses are issued.

Residents can receive residence permits from Mawaqif centers, and each permit serves one vehicle. The application process is straightforward.

Complete the application and gather documents

  • Make the required payment
  • Parking permits from the Department
  • Note that Abu Dhabi parking rules do not apply to visitors.
  • Visitors can park cars in villa areas for free until 2:00 am, but after that they need permission.
  • The service is free for UAE citizens. Non-Emiratis pay AED 2/hour.
  • Send an SMS to 3009 with the details to get this permit. The limit is six hours.

Short-Term Public Parking

Residents, customers, individuals, and businesses can use this amenity. Standard surface public parking licenses are few. Multi-story parking, resident parking lots, premium parking, and others are not limited-term public parking.


Parking fees for

  • 1 month- AED 391
  • 3 months, 1174 AED
  • 6 months, 2348 AED
  • 1 year, AED 4695

Resident permit documents

  • Passport Valid
  • Valid Resident Visa
  • Vehicle Registration Card
  • Electricity bill

The above documents are required for Abu Dhabi parking licenses.

As the UAE's second-most populous city, Abu Dhabi ensures its parking facilities are convenient for its residents.

Limited-Term Parking Terms and Conditions

  • Mawaqif's temporary permission won't replace the resident-parking permit.
  • It will replace AED 2 per hour and AED 15 per day parking tickets.
  • It will restrict reserving or using parking spaces for automobiles in forbidden zones.
  • Parking is prohibited in residential zones. Blue and white-painted parking, villa parking, and premium parking
  • Permit holders who are traveling abroad should seek to store their vehicle at the designated location to help the authorities identify it as a non-abandoned vehicle.

Abu Dhabi Parking SMS System

One of the most user-friendly methods of paying for parking in Abu Dhabi is the SMS system. Follow these simple steps:

  • Check the Zone: Identify the parking zone you're in. Signage and color codes are common ways to identify zones.
  • Compose an SMS: Create a new text message on your mobile phone.
  • Enter the Code: Enter the zone code, which is widely visible on surrounding signs.
  • Send to the Number: Send the SMS to the provided number for that specific zone.
  • Confirmation: An SMS will confirm your payment and parking session time.

Abu Dhabi parking fines

A 10-minute grace period for improperly parked cars  is excellent news in Mawaqif. After the grace period, motorists who violate Mawaqif must pay fines.

The following parking offenses and fines should be known by motorists:

  • Parking abuse: AED 190
  • Pavement parking costs AED 390
  • Fire hydrant, ambulance, and special needs parking: AED 1,000
  • Behind cars and impeding traffic: AED 450

Make sure you have any Abu Dhabi traffic fines, including tailgating fines. Abu Dhabi's car parking laws change periodically. Visitors and residents must know about these developments.


Abu Dhabi, where modernity meets heritage, makes parking a daily routine. The Mawaqif program's parking system reflects Abu Dhabi's order and convenience. Parking Restrictions and options are needed in the crowded CBD and quiet regions. Abu Dhabi's parking management system shows good urban planning as car numbers climb. The SMS payment system and smartphone apps have made parking easier than ever. The city's colorful parking regulations guide drivers to their spots.


Even Abu Dhabi's parking facilities are innovative and efficient. The global gateway, Abu Dhabi Airport, simplifies travel with short-term and long-term parking.

Parking restrictions are crucial in a progressive city. Drivers avoid fines and improve urban peace by following the laws. Together, Abu Dhabi's streets stay organized and accessible. As the city grows, so will its parking. Statistics demonstrate a dynamic parking management future with new trends and advancements. Abu Dhabi's officials study data to maintain parking as the city grows. Parking in Abu Dhabi improves your visit to its marketplaces, architecture, and airport. Well-organized parking, clever architecture, and technology help Abu Dhabi's rising population get around.


How can I pay for parking in Abu Dhabi? 

You can pay for parking in Abu Dhabi using methods like the SMS system, mobile apps, and online platforms.

Is there free parking available in Abu Dhabi? 

Yes, certain zones in Abu Dhabi offer free parking. Look out for designated areas and signage.

What is the Mawaqif parking system in Abu Dhabi? 

The Mawaqif system is Abu Dhabi's way of controlling parking and making sure that spots are used.

How do I avoid parking fines in Abu Dhabi?

Follow parking rules, pay for your time, and don't park in restricted places to avoid getting a ticket.

Can I park for free at Abu Dhabi Airport? 

Abu Dhabi Airport parking offers long-term options that involve charges. However, specific terminals might provide short-term free parking for drop-offs and pick-ups.