Luxury Car Rental Dubai

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, renting a luxury car in Dubai is worthwhile. It provides a comfortable Journey as well as creating a wealthy impression on others.

Great Dubai has a wide range of car options to rent on a weekly basis. We provide sedan, crossover or SUV and sports cars. You can find out the range of prices for weekly rentals on the page, just use the filters to conduct through.

Yes, you can pay by using a credit card for weekly car rental in Dubai. Credit cards are the ideal form of payment accepted by Great Dubai.

Yes, Great Dubai allows you to drive their Car rental Dubai anywhere within the UAE and within the desert regions.

To rent a luxury car with Great Dubai, you need to search a local vendor who is dealing or you can contact on phone

Yes, Great Dubai allow you add an additional driver to your rental agreement.

Yes, you can cancel or modify car rental reservations. But infirm the company as soon as possible.

If the rental car sustains any damage during your rental, you should inform the rental company immediately.