1 Bedroom Apartment For rent in Al Habtoor City

1 Bedroom Apartment For rent in Al Habtoor City


Al Habtoor City Apartment Rental Business Bay, a bustling commercial centre in Dubai, is a crucial building that elevates the United Arab Emirates to a significant hub for trade and business. There are currently 240 structures in the collection. It includes areas for both residential and business use. Due to its reputation as a premier neighbourhood, Business Bay is now a popular place to rent homes in Dubai. It is considered to be Dubai's fastest-developing area, at a pace of 5 to 7 percent per year. Business Bay is a neighbourhood in Dubai Creek's expanded region that is situated south of Downtown Dubai. Their incredibly spectacular project, Al Habtoor City, consists of 3 residential towers and 3 luxury hotels.

Bedroom Apartment For rent in Al Habtoor City


Apartment types in Al Habtoor City

The residential complex in Al Habtoor City is made up of the three opulent high-rise buildings, Noura, Amna, and Meera. The heights of the three apartment towers in Al Habtoor City range from 52 to 74 floors. Twelve penthouses—three of which are VIP penthouses—are part of the grand apartments. Al Habtoor City offers a nice selection of one-, two-, three-, and four-bedroom apartments for rent. The majority of the rental apartments in Al Habtoor City offer stunning views of Dubai's magnificent skyline. For those who are interested in absolutely breathtaking views, there are also five- to seven-bedroom luxury penthouses available.

The 35,000-square-foot fantastic recreation deck in the Noura skyscraper is amazing. Rental Trends in Al Habtoor City Al Habtoor City apartments for rent are a spectacular housing alternative for living in Business Bay real estate and are regarded as one of the top 5 most anticipated landmarks for 2017 in Dubai. The cost to rent a one-bedroom flat in Al Habtoor City ranges from AED 130,000 per year to AED 145,000 per year. The annual rental trend for 2-bedroom apartments ranges from AED 130,000 to AED 148,000. The annual rent for 3-bedroom apartments in Al Habtoor City is from AED 175,000 to AED 290,000, while the annual cost for 4-bedroom apartments ranges from AED 290,000 to AED 335,000. 


Bedroom Apartment For rent in Al Habtoor City


The city of Al Habtoor's highlights

Al Habtoor City's rental flats provide a unique, opulent lifestyle. Al Habtoor City, dubbed by the developer as "Luxury in Legacy," is a wonderful location for renting properties in Business Bay because it is reachable by land, by water using yachts, and by air using helicopters. The unique water theatre "La Perle" by Franco Dragone is located on the grounds of Al Habtoor City, along with a tennis academy with an air-conditioned court. Apartment renters in Al Habtoor City have access to all the typical top-notch amenities, including a swimming pool, gym, jacuzzi, and more. Apartment with 1 Bedroom for Rent in Business Bay's Al Habtoor City

  • Burj Views from One Bedroom on a High Floor
  • Beautiful Downtown and Burj Views -- 1034.20 sq. ft.
  • Ready to move in immediately.
  • Exquisite Finishing
  • Great Location
  • completely stocked gym


This Amna apartment has one bedroom. Is in the city of Al Habtoor, near the business district

There are marble floors throughout this spacious 1-bedroom apartment. It offers a sizable living area that opens up to a balcony with views of the Burj Khalifa and the city. A full set of appliances, including an electric cooker, are in the separate kitchen. There is a guest restroom and bathroom with a shower and a bathtub with breathtaking views of the surrounding area that you may enjoy while unwinding in the bathtub. The bedroom has a walk-out onto another balcony with views of the horse training facility and the city, as well as a tonne of storage space.


Additional factors to take into account before leasing a unit in Business Bay Utilities include

Make a list of the utilities you completely must have. Familiar factors are the number of rooms and the range of the kitchen and bathroom. A parking space, a bathroom heater, an in-unit dryer, a private balcony, elevators, extra storage, a fitness centre, and other features are also important to consider. Check to see if there are any extra-cost amenities. 



Be sure to let your agent and prospective landlord knows right away if you currently own or plan to acquire a domestic animal. It will save you time and money to have the knowledge that certain flats have a no-pet policy. If you discover a rental apartment building that allows pets, be careful to inquire about the policies in order to avoid future issues. The agent is you’ll need a real estate agent's help, whether you're buying or renting an apartment in Dubai. Choosing the best agency in the UAE can be difficult because there are so many of them. To locate RERA-certified real estate agents, look into licenced real estate service companies like Great Dubai. We have a page specifically dedicated to helping you locate productive agencies.


The Landlord 

Before any tenant comes in, landlords are required under RERA to make sure the units are in livable condition. It's a wise idea to do some research on what a landlord on a rental property in Dubai may and cannot do. Before finishing the sale, but especially after you've moved in, it's advantageous. For instance, your landlord is not permitted to suddenly raise the rent. Rent increases must follow the rent index established by RERA. 

Conclusively, investing in real estate in Dubai or Abu Dhabi is a wise shift. Both cities are megacities and present a wealth of business options. The pros and downsides of purchasing an apartment in Business Bay are similar to those of renting one. The length of your stay will ultimately have a big impact on whether you rent or buy an apartment. Your financial capacity is another factor. 



If you intend to work or reside in the emirate for a while, renting an apartment in Business Bay is more sensible. Renting an apartment first will give you a better idea of your lifestyle, even if you decide to stay for the long run.



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