Is commercial property a good investment in Dubai?

Is commercial property a good investment in Dubai?


Understanding Commercial Property Investment

Commercial Property Investment Landscape in Dubai

Dubai commercial property purchase

Dubai commercial real estate investment opportunities

The Best Dubai commercial property areas




Welcome to a complete commercial property investment in Dubai. This article explores Dubai's tremendous commercial real estate options. Commercial property in this emerging global hub may benefit investors and financial developers.

Dubai's skyline, corporate centers, and economic power attract commercial real estate investors. Investors demand city office, retail, and industrial real estate returns and growth.

Dubai commercial property investing trends, difficulties, and tactics are below. To buy your first commercial property or build your portfolio. Let's explore Dubai's commercial property investment world.

Understanding Commercial Property Investment

Commercial property investment demands a good understanding of its fundamentals and possible benefits. Let's define and discuss the benefits of commercial property investment.

What is commercial Property Investment?

Commercial property investment entails the strategic acquisition of business buildings. Commercial properties facilitate commercial activity, unlike residential properties. Offices, retail, industrial, warehouses, and hospitality venues are among these properties. Commercial property investing aims to generate rental revenue and capital appreciation.

Benefits of Commercial Property Investment

  • Stable Rental Income: Commercial properties typically earn more than residential ones. Commercial tenants sign longer leases, ensuring a steady rental income.
  • Capital Appreciation: Well-located commercial assets can be greatly appreciated over time. Economic growth, urban expansion, and commercial space demand fuel appreciation.
  • Diversification: Commercial real estate diversifies your investment portfolio, lowering risk. Commercial properties have different market characteristics than stocks and bonds.
  • Longer Lease Terms: Commercial leases last longer than residential ones. This longer occupation reduces turnover and vacancy rates, ensuring constant income
  • Tenant Responsibility: Commercial tenants frequently pay for maintenance, repairs, and utilities. The landlord can ease up on this shared financial responsibility.
  • Inflation Hedge:To hedge inflation, commercial property rental income might risee over time. Rental revenue rises with the cost of living, retaining property value.

Strategic decision-making begins with understanding commercial property investment's fundamentals and benefits. Dubai's commercial property investment landscape will debate growth, regulation, financing, and more.

Commercial Property Investment Landscape in Dubai

Dubai's robust economy and smart urban development boost commercial property investment. Dubai's growth, trends, and compelling reasons attract commercial property investors.

Dubai Real Estate Market Growth and Trends

Strategic steps and a favorable climate have boosted Dubai's real estate sector. Trends driving this growing business include


Infrastructure Improvements

Infrastructure upgrades improve connectivity and accessibility, boosting the city's worldwide commercial hub status.


Tech and Financial Center

The city wants to become a tech and financial hub, so it needs high-tech office spaces and tools to get there.

Why Invest in Commercial Property in Dubai?

Dubai's East-West location gives it unmatched access to global markets and commerce.


Business and investor conditions are favorable in Dubai due to its zero income tax.


  • Economic Stability

The city's varied economy and business-friendly policies support investments.


  • Specialized Free Zones

Dubai's free zones encourage industry-specific investments.


  • Cultural Diversity

Cosmopolitan environments attract multinational enterprises, creating a multicultural workplace.


  • Tourism and Events

Hotels and event venues are in demand due to Dubai's tourism and events.


Dubai's commercial property investment scene is diverse. Later topics include legal and regulatory issues, finance, and commercial property management.

Dubai commercial property purchase

How do expat entrepreneurs with established businesses benefit? 


Nina advises expat businesses with a Dubai firm to buy if they want to stay for 10 years.

The market returns multinational firm owners' commercial property investments in 10 years. It also eliminates commercial property rent and allows businesses to focus on expansion.


There are several factors to consider when buying Dubai commercial real estate.

Price of ready commercial property in Dubai

Dubai business owners might expect these upfront fees when buying commercial property


  • The property's price
  • The 5% VAT
  • The trustee registration charge is AED 4k plus 5% VAT, or AED 4,200.
  • Transfer fees of 4% to the Dubai Land Department
  • The 5% VAT
  • Real estate agency brokerage fees

Dubai commercial property ROI

The Dubai residential and commercial real estate market offers a competitive ROI. Nina feels Dubai commercial property offers a better ROI for investors.

Because commercial tenants stay at the same address longer, ROIs are usually higher. Because commercial items must be tailored and labeled, moving them costs more. Logistics are complicated and expensive.

Commercial property ownership in Dubai

According to UAE law, the corporation must own Dubai's freehold commercial property. JAFZA- or DMCC-established offshore firms can legally own Dubai freehold properties. Businesses incorporated in Dubai's free zones can also own commercial assets there.


Nina says naming the property after the corporation has several perks. This covers investment protection, privacy, security, and 100% foreign ownership.

Dubai commercial real estate investment opportunities

Dubai's real estate market is expanding, offering many commercial property investment opportunities. Let's examine commercial investment properties and business buildings for sale.

Different kinds of commercial properties

  • Office Spaces

Because of how busy business is in Dubai, office spaces are a great place to put your money. Stylish office towers and high-end co-working spaces are always in demand.

  • Retail Units

Because Dubai is known around the world as a place to shop, it is a good place to invest in retail. Malls, shopping districts, and mixed-use complexes attract local and international brands.

  • Industrial complexes and warehouses

Dubai's location and trade hub status fuel industrial and warehousing demand.  These buildings are good for companies that deal with manufacturing, logistics, and shipping.

Sales of Commercial Investment Properties

Buying commercial investment property for sale can be a smart way to make money in the long run. When looking for places to spend money, keep these things in mind:


  • Location: Pick places with a lot of foot traffic or that are near major transportation lines.
  • Demand and Trends: Find out how much people want that type of property in that area now and in the future.
  • Health of the Property: Check the property's health and see if it needs to be fixed up or renovated.
  • Potential rental Income:Estimate commercial rental property revenue using market pricing and demand.

Dubai commercial property rental

Renting commercial premises in Dubai is legal and expensive. Nina writes that Dubai's Ejari plan requires commercial property tenancy contracts.


  • Dubai commercial property renters must file their tenancy contract with Ejari.

Get Ejari for commercial properties

Commercial tenants must present a company authorization letter and a stamped tenancy contract. Ejari registration costs AED 170 (including VAT), which tenants normally pay. For further information, see our online Ejari registration guide.

The best Dubai commercial property areas

Dubai allows entrepreneurs to start a company on the mainland or in a free zone. The ownership rules differ.


Foreigners possess 100% of a free zone firm but can only trade with non-UAE companies. Mainland Dubai foreigners need a UAE national to sponsor their 51%-owned business. The 2018 100% foreign ownership law changed this criterion. 

JLT is a major player in Dubai's commercial real estate sector.

Only specific mainland Dubai corporations can own 100% of both zones. This is why 95% of new Dubai enterprises choose to open in a free zone, says Nina.


She says DMCC in JLT is the best free zone in Dubai for office spaces, retail, and commercial floors. You can run your business completely online, own 100% of it, and pay no personal or business income tax.

JLT's free zone and residential area allow residents to live and work together, she said. It is also near Dubai Media City and Dubai Internet City, major business hubs. 

Dubai South, near the new Al Maktoum Airport, may appeal to warehouse buyers and renters.

Dubai co-working spaces

Co-working spaces are Dubai's best commercial properties for Expo 2020 enterprises, argues Nina. Young professionals have been requesting co-working spaces recently.


Nina recommends AstroLabs Dubai for co-working spaces.

Nina said co-working schemes allow entrepreneurs to expand their businesses with little capital. She says it's a fast track to a Dubai firm and a residency permit.

Nina recommends AstroLabs, Servcorp, and Nook as Dubai's best co-working spaces. Business centers like One Business Center, RSO, and DMCC I5 Premium are appropriate.

Nina Moras

Nina, the co-founder of JNM Specialists, has helped the company flourish. She is a Dubai commercial real estate Property  expert with 15 years of expertise. She brings a fresh, creative viewpoint to the property market and is known for her drive. She's the Dubai expert for retail, offices, showrooms, and shops.

JNM Real Estate Brokerage

JNM Specialists Real Estate Brokerage is Dubai's finest commercial real estate agency. They find premises and lease or buy commercial property in Dubai for consumers.

Because of their quality and huge property portfolio, they became industry leaders instantly. JNM Specialists Real Estate Brokerage has available properties. 


In conclusion, Dubai's business real estate investment market is vibrant and promising. Dubai's strategic expansion, new trends, and business-friendly environment appeal to diversification and startups. You can invest in Dubai in a number of ways. Buy industrial properties to boost rental income or rent them for your business. Commercial property investment benefits from Dubai's strategic position, diverse economy, and sustainable growth. Business relocations and congested malls give Dubai's real estate market additional profit opportunities.


Investing in commercial property Investment in Dubai industrial property requires study, experienced advice, and business goals. Capitalize on the rising market and help Dubai become a global economic center.


How much do business properties in Dubai rent on average?

Depending on location, type, and market, Dubai commercial property rentals are 6%–10%.

Can people from outside Dubai buy business property?

In Dubai's freehold areas, foreigners who are not from the GCC can buy commercial land. Foreigners can buy property in these places.

How do you take care of business property?

Dubai property owners or specialized companies can manage commercial properties. These organizations manage renters, maintenance, repairs, and property upkeep.

What taxes do you have to pay when you buy commercial property in Dubai?

Dubai has no income tax or capital gains tax on property sales, saving investors money. Registering, transferring, and keeping a home require money.

Are there ways to get money to invest in business real estate?

Some Dubai banks can finance business property investments. Loans covering a portion of the property's value depend on income and credit history.


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