Great Dubai | Find Your Bed Space in Karama under 500 AED

Great Dubai | Find Your Bed Space in Karama under 500 AED

Dubai is a city of future and innovation. Every year, a lot of people move to Dubai for tourism and jobs. But in this city of beauty and luxuries, it seems difficult to find a cheap Karama bed space. However, the vibrant neighborhood lies next to Karama. You can still find Al-Karama bed space. Actually, Karama is a busy district that offers budget friendly rooms for everyone. So, you can check out the variety of bed spaces available along with all the necessary needs at a fraction of cost.

You can find Karama bed spaces for ladies as well. So, whether you are a student or professional this article is for you. If you’re looking for a simple and cheap room in Karama bed space, continue reading. Explore from the  shared apartments to compact studios that will suit every budget.

Affordable Bed Space in Karama

We know that every dirham matters in Dubai to make your dreams come true. So, let’s start reading to explore the Karama bed space in 500 AED:

Cozy Corner Residence

It is located just off Karama’s main street. Cozy Corner Residence offers a suitable and comfy home like environment. For 500 AED, you can get cheap bed space in a shared room. Moreover, don’t worry about the amenities. You can enjoy the high-speed WIFI, laundry facilities and kitchen. The best part is the convenient location and the ambiance that will give you peace of mind. It is an ideal choice for the ones who love the affordability and quality at the same time.

Karama Comfort Inn

Step into the next Karama bed space for 500 AED rent. You’ll instantly feel that you’re at home when you get into Karama Comfort Inn. This rental place offers affordable and stylish accommodation on a reasonable budget. These suit best for the travelers and workers both. You can even get better shared rooms under 500 AED easily. These rooms come up with the modern furnishings and lounge plus kitchen. The attentive staff at Comfort Inn proves to be very supportive.

Happy Homes Hostel

Happy Homes Hostel actually shows hospitality and warmth at every corner. It is situated in the heart of Karama. You can find around Karama bed space 500 AED per month. The variety of amenities for home like experience includes WIFI and laundry. Moreover, there is a lounge for socializing and a kitchen for ease. Enjoy the amazing atmosphere in the budget friendly setup of Happy Homes Hostel.

Karama Center

If you’re finding no-frill bed space in Karama at cheap rates then search ends here. Karama Center is located at the prime location in Karama. You can get basic bed space for and under 500 AED. With the top-class amenities including WIFI, laundry and kitchen setup; it suits perfectly. Moreover, what can be more joyful than having a bed space in a convenient location. And you don’t have to sacrifice extra dirhams.

Zabeel Building

Zabeel Building is a perfect living space for the budget seekers. It offers the perfect combination of affordability and social connectivity. Now, enjoy the Karama bed space with amazing facilities. Amenities include kitchen, lounge and clean bed space. Don’t waste time and get your room in Karama bed space for 500 AED rent in a well-appointed apartment. The staff here is highly dedicated to providing the best living style.

Oasis Court Hotel Apartments

One more affordable bed space in Karama is Oasis Court Hotel Apartments. It will surely offer the best retreat for the budget conscious travelers and workers. For just 500 AED, you can enjoy the huge list of amenities. List includes clean and comfortable room, kitchen, lounge and laundry facility. Moreover, don’t forget the 24/7 high speed WIFI service. The peaceful environment and cheap rates make it a go-to-choice for everyone.

Backpackers Hostel Dubai

For a limited budget seeker in Karama, we have another great option. It is a Backpackers Hostel. It is a hidden gem in the vibrant neighborhood of Karama. This cheap bed space area is a dormitory-style living space. You can find out the WIFI, laundry facility and kitchen amenities as well. Enjoy the welcoming environment along with affordable rates at Karama Backpackers Hostel.


Karama is the best location in Dubai for budget seekers. As it offers a list of bed space in 500 AED easily along with the necessary amenities. One more thing that makes this place the best is the cozy environment and variety. So, why wait? Must check out the above-mentioned spaces today.

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What are the average charges for a bed space in Karama, Dubai?

Actually, the rental rates depend on the facilities and accessibility. The cheap bed spaces range from 400 to 600 and it can even reach up to 1200 AED also.

Are the utilities included in the rent for bed spaces in Karama?

No, utilities don’t come up with the rental rates for most of the bed spaces.

Can I find Karama bed space for ladies?

Yes, there are a lot of options in Karama for only ladies. They ensure privacy and comfort as well.

Are there any restrictions for the visitors in the bed spaces in Karama?

Yes, some accommodations especially for ladies only had some restrictions.

Is it possible to pay rent on a daily basis in Karama?

No, usually it is not possible as they charge on a monthly basis. But you can talk to authorities.

Are the bed spaces furnished in Karama?

Some of the bed spaces in Al Karama come with a bed, wardrobe and desk or chair etc. But remember, it can cost extra.

Are there any special rules for bed spaces in Karama?

Yes, every bed space has its own rules and regulations. So, check out the policy of respective bed space to avoid any further inconvenience.


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