Complete guide about Jumeirah Village Circle

Complete guide about Jumeirah Village Circle

About Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC)

One of the master communities created by Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), the top real estate developer in Dubai, is Nakheel. It is perfect for both tenants and buyers as it is situated in the center of the new Dubai amidst lush gardens and features a variety of properties and amenities.

The district remains Dubai's top choice for those looking to buy or rent reasonably priced flats and villas. The neighborhood draws families and lone individuals with a selection of affordable studios to 5-bedroom homes. Most notably, JVC is listed as the third-best neighborhood in the city in Great Dubai Annual Dubai Sales Report 2022. 


Community Overview

Jumeirah Village Circle Dubai's apartments and villas provide the city's sizable population with an uncommon blend of urban living alternatives in a village environment. Residents of JVC adore the serene atmosphere created by the area's beautiful gardens and canals, which evoke a much-needed sense of tranquility in a busy city like Dubai. 

It appears that the family-friendly way of life in JVC is one of the reasons why people pick to rent homes there. Families, couples, and individuals are drawn to Jumeirah Village Circle. The availability of schools, parks, fitness centers, clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies in JVC appears to be especially popular with ex-pat families. Real estate investors also like the area because of its profitable pricing and strong rental yields.


Properties in JVC

Circle in Jumeirah Village More than 2,000 residential units may be found in Dubai. Apartments, villas, and townhouses are bounded by parks and canals in the development's village-like location. The majority of residential flats in JVC include shared amenities such as a gym, pool, and laundromat. In JVC, there are many brand-new apartments available for rent. 

Any person looking for affordable villas in a prime location with contemporary lifestyle services and vital regions of Dubai near could rent properties in JVC. Similar to this, people wishing to invest in and purchase real estate in JVC should anticipate large returns, as demonstrated below in the ROI section. Jumeirah Village Circle, which provides a range of independent villas for rent and sale, is also regarded as one of  Dubai's top villa communities. Jvc Floor Layouts People searching for JVC floor plans can go through the floor plans offered for well-known neighborhoods and structures in the area.


Trends in Jumeirah Village Circle for Rentals (JVC)

One of the best places to seek out affordable flats or villas is Jumeirah Village Circle. Given its enviable location close to important metropolitan thoroughfares and the proximity of most facilities, the area is reasonably priced. Among its various sub-communities, Districts 13 and 14 are home to a large number of well-liked apartment rental developments in JVC. Speaking of Jumeirah Village Circle rates being reasonable, a studio apartment there may be rented for AED 36k a year.

One of the best places to rent studios in JVC is Ghalia Constella, which has studios available for AED 34k a year. Small studio flats in Kensington Manor, which cost around AED 22k, are a good option for those on a budget. Additionally, 1-bedroom apartments for rent in JVC run about AED 51k, while those seeking a larger space can rent 2-bedroom apartments in JVC for about AED 72k on average.


Villas and townhouses in Jumeirah Village Circle

AED 95k is the beginning rent for villas and townhouses in JVC, which makes them a great option for families seeking a little more seclusion and space. In JVC, a variety of villas with 2 to 5 bedrooms are available for rent. For AED 122,300 per year, a typical 3-bedroom home in JVC may be rented. While JVC rental villas with four bedrooms range in price from AED 128k to AED 155k, The smallest 1-bedroom townhouse in Jumeirah Village Circle is available for rent and measures 1,937 square feet. 

It has a minimum asking price of AED 95k per year. While two-bedroom homes in JVC rent for about 105k AED. In District 11, there are a number of townhouses called Fortunato that are reachable via Al Khail Road (E 44). Renting one to four bedrooms in a safe, gated community is a smart choice. Rent for 3-bed JVC townhouse typically ranges from AED 110k to AED 160k per year. A larger rental in JVC, such as a four-bedroom townhouse, runs about AED 115k at the very least, while five-bedroom properties, particularly in District 11, cost AED 160k annually.


Hotels in JVC

 In JVC, there are a few hotels in addition to residential buildings, expanding the area's abundance of lodging choices. Among the notable ones are:

  • The Jumeirah Village Hotel Milan has five Giovanni Boutique Suites.

A 60-story hotel tower with five stars called FIVE Jumeirah Village features both fine and street culinary alternatives. Additionally, the hotel offers a spa, a fully stocked gym, an outdoor pool area, and plenty of parking. Apartments at Five Jumeirah Village can also be purchased by interested purchasers. For more affordable options, one may want to think about the hotel suites at the 4-star Milano by Giovanni Boutique Suites. The 19-story skyscraper has studio, one-, and two-bedroom apartments that are all completely furnished.