Mud House Studio for pottery lovers

Mud House Studio for pottery lovers


The Mud House where those can enjoy the sculpture of pottery by making unique ceramic designs in a welcoming environment. Are you involved in learning extra about pottery? Whether you’re a ceramic artist or just famine to play everywhere with clay, The Mud House is a developing studio of ‘Clayers’ in Dubai. Here students, potters, artists, teachers, interior designers, architects and anybody who dividends a penetrating desire can discover the huge beauty of clay collected. With advanced pottery workshops suitable to all ages, The Mud House agrees you to create unique ceramic designs within a heartening environment where there are boundless possibilities. 

Are you a pottery-veteran observing to get back behindhand the wheel? Or someone who always required to hear pottery but never grew a chance? Also method, the Mud House Studio is where you should be controlled. This studio proposals classes for people of all ages, pursuits and ability levels — faultless whether you want to follow ceramic art as a pastime or a profession. 

The two-story extensive space in the heart of busy Al Quoz offers a multi-dimensional knowledge. An zone for hand-building, a unit for pottery wheels, kilns, glazing, an exclusive Potter’s Only zone for our memberships, a potter’s boutique boastful tools, glazes, clay, and a salon serving hot and cold snacks. The Mud House goes unequaled in the kingdom of pottery studios. Besides there’s extra! The Mud House too offers made-to-order substances for all one’s earthenware needs. The studio provides to the inner design and friendliness businesses creating modified tiles for walls and floors, useful and non-functional creations and decorations, as well as dinnerware and help ware. 

Mud House Studio for pottery lovers



STUDIO DUBAI Situated in Al Quoz, the Mud House Studio remains a 5,500 sq. ft. space separated into two units. One zone is high-class for handcrafting, while the other zone (Potter’s Only) is devoted to pottery. Sideways from these zones, a small boutique offers glazes, clay and tackles. His studio is a great inventiveness to help people convert creative ideas into spectacular realism.



Famine to learn the age-old technique of pottery? Register in Mud House Studio’s hand-building session to obtain informative new services. From convoluting to crash decoration, this class will teach you numerous methods you can use on exhilarating schemes in the future. The Mud House was shaped to share our love, knowledge and secrecies of the world of ceramics with everybody rambling through those doors. 

We can assistance people carry their ideas to life. The studio is a galaxy for everybody from persons wanting to study, to individuals, designers or architects who are responsibility up their places and need tradition tiles, dinnerware or just modified chat bits. It’s about discovering one’s originality in a safe situation that inspires one to experiment and make errors and finally learn to receive limitations kindly. All though consuming fun and knowledge somewhat in the procedure. That carries a finish to our guide on The Great Dubai  services in Dubai.

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