What Toyota model sells the most

What Toyota model sells the most

Since the beginning of Toyota's history about 80 years ago, in 1980, more than 230 million vehicles have been sold. In that total, around 44.1 million units from Corolla have been sold. There was a high sale of Corolla. One out of 5 vehicles is the Corolla. The Toyota Corolla was the top-selling car in the world in the year 2019, and the durable Japanese saloon has continued to hold the top spot, with more than 1.1 million units sold in the year 2020.

Toyota Corolla: 1,150,000 sales

It is said that the Toyota Corolla was the world's top-selling vehicle in 2019, and the reliable Japanese saloon has remained in the top spot, with more than 1.1 million sold in 2020. The sales dropped by eight per cent from year to year, but Corolla continued to dominate the car market in the world by fending off a host of SUVs that were nipping at its heels. Most of this achievement is due to its popularity in the US despite its decreasing attraction to saloons. Great Dubai website can be visited for best sale offers.

Toyota RAV4: 1,070,000 sales

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Another Toyota is runner-up in global sales, which is The RAV4 SUV. Due to the rise in popularity of mid-sized SUVs, the RAV4 saw an unprecedented 10% increase in sales over the year, moving it just 1.1 million sales ahead of the Corolla. The low running costs, comfortable ride, and striking design are the main reasons for its popularity, as well as a new plug-in hybrid option expanding the appeal of the RAV4.

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2022 Toyota Land Cruiser (Toyota Cars 2022)

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The new generation cruiser codenamed is built in the version platform of the brand; however, it retains the body-on-frame style. It features a 350-pound weight reduction, an improved suspension with kinetic dynamics, available electronic controls, and the latest off-roading technology, such as multi-terrain selection and monitoring. It comes with high-mounted LED headlights, three distinct grille styles for trumps and a trump-specific grille, and the SUV has an elongated center of gravity and an overall more boxy appearance. Under cover of this Android is a brand-new 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 engine or a 3.3-litre turbo diesel motor, equipped with an automatic drag shift in 10 gears. Auto transmission.

Toyota Land Cruiser 4.6L VXR is an eight-seater SUV available for sale for AED 315 900 across the UAE. It comes in eight colours, and the UAE has an automatic transmission option. Its Land Cruiser 4.6L VXR dimensions are 5115 mm long with a width of 1980 mm and a height of 1905 mm.

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This massive beast comes in both 5seats and 7-seat models that feature a completely new interior layout of the dashboard and a big screen for the infotainment system. In addition to being available in Japan and Europe, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe, it is highly likely to access the latest land cruiser. The line is expected to extend well beyond 2022.

Toyota Camry: 635,000 sales


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The Toyota Camry rounds off an all-Japanese top 5 with the top spot with 635,000 sales. The Camry has the distinction of being Corolla's bigger saloon cousin and has 20 per cent of its market shares in segment D. Much like the Corolla, and it is also a popular choice. Camry is extremely popular with US clients due to its spacious interior and dependable performance.

Toyota Fortuner

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The most recent Fortuner has a potent 6-speed Diesel, Petrol AT, and MT engine that can reduce mountain ranges to molehills. With such pure, unrestrained power at your disposal, The New Fortuner can make the most of unfamiliar terrain and makes exploring uncharted territory as easy as going for a stroll in the park. The new Fortuner is not just another SUV. It belongs to the natural world. Everything about this vehicle, whether it be the front grille covered in chrome, the sturdy alloy wheels, or the 4x4 capabilities, is made to be a leader. It uses finesses in the design of the brand-new Fortuner. You'll be OK, no matter how rough the terrain is.

You are always connected and surrounded by luxury, comfort, and safety. With the newest connected capabilities, the new Fortuner gives you complete control over your vehicle while you drive. You can concentrate on overcoming any terrain, knowing that the car is secure in your hands. Despite how treacherous the road ahead may appear to be, the new Fortuner guarantees your safety. The Fortuner has an integrated.

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Active Traction Control and Antilock Braking System are two examples of security technology, assuring you to conquer any obstacle. There are many colors available for the intriguing new Fortuner. Even while immobile, it stands out and is conspicuous because of its vibrant colors. You'll find a shade that complements your style among the range of light and dark tones.


Toyota is one of the top-selling vehicles, and almost 230 million vehicles have been sold just in the car brand of Toyota since 1980. However, there are many types of vehicles created and sold by Toyota. But Toyota Corolla was one of the top-selling vehicles in 2019, but its significance decreased, and Corolla dominates the car industry. The other Toyota vehicles are Toyota Camry, Toyota RAV4, Toyota Fortuner, and Toyota Land Cruiser. However, all cars of Toyota are advanced and rich in features, making them distinct from other car brands.