A Complete Guide to Hire House Maids in Dubai

A Complete Guide to Hire House Maids in Dubai

Many native families in Dubai aspire to lead luxurious lifestyles, and to achieve this, they often employ a significant number of workers to handle various tasks within their homes. To oversee and manage these employees, the role of maids in dubai is essential, as this individual serves as the leader of the workforce responsible for managing household tasks and workers.

Key Benefits of Housemaid Jobs in Dubai

Housemaid positions in Dubai offer several compelling advantages

Paid Training

Many employers prioritize perfection in their employees' work, necessitating training. If you secure a housemaid position, you will undergo specialized training. Unlike some roles that require you to pay for training, this job provides paid training, which is a noteworthy perk.

Paid Sick Leave

As an employed housemaid, you are entitled to paid sick leave. To avail yourself of the amazing maid salary in dubai benefit, you simply need to be loyal to your employer and provide medical certificates confirming your illness. Meeting the requirements for paid sick leave ensures you receive it.

Active Daily Routine

Managing daily tasks and overseeing employees results in a highly active daily routine. This lifestyle promotes long-term health and reduces the risk of various diseases associated with prolonged periods of inactivity.

Competitive Pay

Maids Jobs UAE offer competitive salaries, commensurate with the substantial workload involved.

Who Is Eligible For Maids Job In Dubai?

Prospective candidates for maids jobs uae should meet the following criteria:

1. Possess a diploma or bachelor's degree.

2. Be in good physical, medical, and mental health.

3. Demonstrate stamina and skills for day-to-day task management.

Becoming a housemaid is an accessible career path open to anyone. While the requirements are not extensive, a strong sense of enthusiasm and dedication is essential to excel in this role. If you believe you possess the necessary qualities, you can pursue a career as a housemaid in Dubai.as the full time jobs is relatively a handsome amount as compared to other jobs like waitress.

How maid.cc works to hire full time housekeeper?

In response to most couple’s inquiry, assuming that they are residents of Dubai and employed within the UAE, the regulations outlined in Federal Decree Law Concerning Domestic Workers and Cabinet Resolution are quite clear. Yet, that pertains to the Executive Regulations of Federal Decree Law concerning domestic workers, are applicable.

If you and your spouse are residing together, you can hire full time housekeeper to care for your child based on factors. These factors include basic things such as your salary and the number of bedrooms in your apartment or villa. To initiate the process of obtaining an entry permit for a nanny in the UAE, you will need the following documents:

Nanny's Documents

·         Color photograph of the maid

·         Her passport

·         Her tourist visa (if she is already in the UAE) or UAE visa cancellation document

·         A No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the embassy if the nanny is of the same nationality as the sponsor

Sponsor's Documents

·         Passport

·         Salary certificate (in Arabic)

·         Copy of the employment contract

·         Copy of the Ejari (if you are a resident of Dubai)

·         A copy of the legalized and attested marriage certificate, translated into Arabic

·         IBAN number and a three (3) months bank statement

·         Original UAE resident ID card copy

·         Copy of the passport and UAE residency visa of your spouse

Once you obtain the entry permit from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs – Dubai (GDRFA), you and the housemaid can proceed to sign the employment contract. After More approves the nanny's work permit, she must undergo a medical fitness test conducted by the Dubai Health Authority and apply for a UAE resident ID card.

Sponsors of nannies are required to adhere to the guidelines and provisions outlined in the UAE Domestic Workers Law, including providing the necessary facilities for the nanny to perform her duties. Also, these facilities include appropriate accommodation, food, clothing (if needed for her duties), timely payment of remuneration, covering health insurance costs, treating the nanny with respect, and allowing her to retain her official documents. These obligations are stipulated in Article 11 of the UAE Domestic Workers Law.

Based on the information provided above, you may proceed to hire full time housekeeper to care for your child in accordance with the relevant requirements. Alternatively, you may explore the option of hiring a nanny in the UAE through recognized domestic recruitment agencies.

Benefits of Utilizing Maids.cc Services

Same-Day Maid Service

You can have a maid at your doorstep on the very same day by searching for full time maid near me on the maid.cc website. Watch video profiles of available maids and hire your preferred choice, and we'll arrange for her to arrive promptly.

Online Signing and Payment

Streamlined online processes make it easy to complete your transactions. Upload your banking details, sign a monthly bank payment form, and your payments will be automatically deducted on the first day of each month until you decide to cancel, which can be done at any time.

Zero Legal Responsibility

Our maids remain under our visa sponsorship, alleviating you of any legal liabilities. In case of issues like a runaway maid or pregnancy, we handle any legal matters or visits to police stations on your behalf.

Free Replacements

If you're unsatisfied with your selected maid, you can use our personalized maids.cc app to choose a replacement. You can also select a temporary replacement if your maid is on vacation.

Childcare Experience

Most of our maids possess significant experience in childcare. You can review their specific qualifications and experience by watching their video profiles.

Health Insurance and Coverage

All our maids are provided with health insurance that covers 80% of medical visits at approved centers and 70% of medicine costs at pharmacies across the UAE. They also have unrestricted access to our company doctors and nurses, 24/7.

Client-Maid Relationship Support

Our dedicated team, armed with the expertise and tools developed by Maids.cc, ensures a smoother hiring process. They help convey your house rules and preferences to the maid while providing you with essential information about your new hire. Additionally, they mediate and resolve any misunderstandings that may arise between you and your maid.

Get a visa with Maid.cc

Our comprehensive travel assistance service covers:

·         Booking a flight ticket to the UAE.

·         Arranging transportation to her home country's international airport.

·         Managing all necessary legal forms and governmental approvals.

·         Offering a full refund if we are unable to bring your maid to the UAE.

Moreover maids.cc stands as a prominent entity with a workforce exceeding 10,000 employees, making it the leading visa issuer and the seventh-largest employer in the UAE. It's noteworthy that maids.cc holds the unique distinction of being the sole maid company featured among the top government-endorsed enterprises.


1. What benefits can I expect from the personalized maids.cc app?

With this app, you can efficiently handle your account, enjoy round-the-clock client support, access essential documents such as your maid's ID, passport, visa, and medical insurance,.

2. Can maids.cc sponsor other domestic workers like drivers, nannies, cooks, private gardeners, tutors, etc.?

Certainly, we have the capability to sponsor any domestic worker within the UAE. You can initiate the process for obtaining a visa for your driver or any other domestic worker of your choice.

3. Can I bring a maid from outside the UAE?

Yes, maid.cc can facilitate the relocation of your chosen maid from her home country to the UAE. Upon her arrival in the UAE, we will process her visa (at the standard cost for a maid's visa in the UAE), and she will be exclusively eligible to work for you.

4. What if you wish to cancel your service agreement later on?

You have the freedom to cancel your service agreement at any time without incurring any penalties. There is no requirement for advance notice to us or your maid before cancelation.

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