5 Best Tips for Freshers to get Job Vacancies in UAE

5 Best Tips for Freshers to get Job Vacancies in UAE

For professionals looking for a higher quality of life, especially young and inexperienced ones, the UAE has emerged as one of the top options. If you fall into this category, you must review the top advice for recent graduates in order to land a job in UAE and begin realizing your aspirations. This article will teach you all you need to know about the job market in UAE, job vacancies in UAE, as well as several tactics you can use to stand out from the competition and land a job even if you lack relevant experience. Let's look at and learn about how to look for a job in Dubai:


Table of Content

1.Research on job Market

2.Organize and Plan your Employment Search

3.Improve your Abilities and Resume

4.Begin Developing a Personal Network

5.Implementation of Applications

6.How to Search for Job Vacancies in the UAE?




Tip 1: Research on Job Market

The first piece of advice on our list of the top ideas for freshers to land a job in Dubai is to educate yourself on the job market, which entails knowing everything there is to know about it. What details concerning the UAE job market should you be aware of? Let's look at:


  • Learn about the economy and the way of living so you will be prepared.
  • Learn about typical incomes and necessary living costs so that you may negotiate a fair salary.
  • Recognize local traditions and conventions to appear respectful during interviews.
  • Learn about job regulations so that you are aware of your obligations and rights as an employee.


Finding niche-related jobs that will give you the financial and professional benefits you need to live a wonderful life will be possible for you if you acquire knowledge of the job market.

Tip 2: Organize and Plan your Employment Search

It might be difficult to conduct a job search, especially if you don't know where to begin. Still, there are plenty of job vacancies in UAE that are waiting for you and have quite intriguing qualities. To discover the ideal opportunity, it would be best if you prepared yourself. How can you organize a successful job search? Let's look at:


  • Learn about the businesses that are in your industry and what they do.
  • Make a list of these businesses and begin looking for any vacancies there.
  • Keep track of the positions you apply for, along with the date, so you can gauge how long it takes to hear back.
  • Make a budget if you're unemployed so that you can plan your spending and avoid running out of money.


You'll have all the resources you need to launch your search with the aid of Great Dubai and the greatest advice for recent graduates to land a job in the UAE, and you'll get amazing results.

Tip 3: Improve your Abilities and Resume

The difference between you and the rest of the competition will be your amazing CV. Because of this, creating a strong CV that highlights your talents is one of the greatest pieces of advice for freshers to get a job in UAE. How can a strong CV be created for a job search? Let's look at:


  • Select a format that not only appears professional but also captures your individuality.
  • Include any pertinent information, your qualifications, and your education.
  • Make sure to tailor your CV to the job description whenever you apply for a job, doing so will enhance the likelihood that you will be contacted for an interview.
  • One page should be sufficient, don't make it too long.
  • Be careful to highlight your abilities and the qualities that set you apart.


You should research the top credentials UAE employers seek in new hires if you want to know how to write a stellar CV and be ready for job interviews. By doing this, you can adjust your skills to the market.

Tip 4: Begin Developing a Personal Network

One of the best pieces of advice for freshers to find a job in UAE is to start building your network, which should include a variety of experts, if you want to be successful in your job hunt. How may a successful personal network be built? Let's look at:


  • Maintain a professional appearance on all of your social media accounts because employers look at them to learn more about the personality of the applicant.
  • Make fantastic relationships with other professionals by taking part in online events relating to your field.
  • Create a LinkedIn profile since it's a terrific way to connect with businesses.
  • Make friends by conversing with other experts in your subject.
  • Attend lectures or classes to broaden your knowledge of the subject and meet new people.


Many companies choose staff outsourcing to increase productivity; as a result, they look for inexperienced individuals that they can train and develop to meet their specific demands. Therefore, if you have a large network, you can learn about these job vacancies in UAE as they arise.

Tip 5: Implementation of Applications

If you apply for a job in the UAE for foreigners without experience, you might get a call and be invited for an interview; if you succeed in impressing the hiring manager, you might be called for an offer. If you're seeking for Dubai contract staffing firms The best choice for you is Great Dubai.


You can undertake the follow-up process instead, which is phoning the prospective employer or sending them an email to let them know that you're really interested, without having to wait for the second call. The other applicants will notice a significant difference if you approach it that way. What is the ideal approach to use for applications and follow-up? Let's look at:


  • Apply for jobs that might not meet your current preferences, such as temporary work, because they could advance your career.
  • Not being frightened to work for a startup will help you get experience.
  • To conduct the follow-up procedure, learn how to approach employers.
  • Keep your email notifications on and keep an eye on your phone so you can respond to any correspondence from a possible employer right away.

How to Search for Job Vacancies in the UAE?

To explain the various ways in which you can get a job in this wonderful area is the other part of our series of the best advice for freshers to get a job in UAE. There are numerous alternatives available to you because the UAE is one of the most popular travel destinations for foreigners.

Jobs Portals

You may have heard of job portals where you may register and apply for positions. While this is one approach to conduct a job search, it is not particularly helpful. You don't have to rule out this option, though, since you can find out more about the organizations seeking for professionals just like you on these platforms.

Visitor Interviews

Some people choose walk-in interviews, which is a great choice—but only if you know how to pair it with some strategies that will make you appear qualified rather than desperate. Although it's a riskier choice, some people have had fantastic success with it, so you can give it a shot if you want to cover all your bases.

UAE Recruitment Firms

If you'd need more assistance with your job hunt, you should be aware that a number of recruiting firms, including Great Dubai, one of the top-ranking service providers in Dubai, and UAE, assist freshmen in landing their ideal career.


As a member of their talent pool, you will be contacted when a position becomes available that matches your academic background and skills. This may be your big break. This is one of your greatest possibilities, and if you use them along with these suggestions, you'll be on the verge of success.

What makes Great Dubai your Top Job Search Option?

You must be ready for the ideal opportunity to arise once you have learned the greatest advice for freshers to get a job in UAE. You'll have a supporter in this process with Great Dubai because they'll assist you land the ideal employment based on your qualifications and skill set. Even if you lack experience, you are still eligible to apply for the many job vacancies in the UAE they have in their extensive database.


If you’re a fresher and looking for job vacancies in the UAE, there are few tips to follow to enhance your chances of getting Job in the UAE. Firstly, you should research the UAE job market and organize and plan your search accordingly. Improving your skills, creating a professional resume, developing relations with employers and following up your application are all other important tips to follow. Last but not the least, do follow Great Dubai to keep yourself updated with the latest jobs in UAE. 


Can a fresher get a job in the UAE?

You can still apply for the many job openings that Great Dubai has in their extensive database even if you lack the necessary expertise.

What is the starting salary for freshers in UAE?

AED 5,000. In the region of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a Freshers' monthly pay is reported to be AED 5,000. In our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model, which is based on wages gathered from our customers, this value indicates the median, which is the middle of the ranges.

How much is a work visa for Dubai from Pakistan?

Cost: 43,000 Pakistani rupees. This single-entry visa, which may be processed in 3–4 business days, is perfect for UAE residents looking for work. The cost of the visa, which has a 60-day validity period with a 60-day maximum stay and can be extended for a further 30 days with government approval, is 56,000 Pakistani rupees.

What is the lowest salary in the UAE?

Since there is no minimum wage in the UAE, pay rates must be negotiated between businesses and employees. The UAE Labour Law makes no mention of a minimum wage, despite the widespread misconception that there is one in Dubai.

Can I get a UAE visa without a job?

A resident visa known as a "Green visa" in the UAE enables its bearer to sponsor themselves for a period of five years, obviating the need for a sponsor who is a citizen or employer of the UAE. Who may submit a Green visa application? A Green visa can be applied for by skilled workers, independent contractors, and freelancers.

How do I write a CV with no experience?

If you have little to no professional experience and, thus, no work-related accomplishments, try to highlight your skills through your extracurricular or academic accomplishments. Keep the accomplishments listed on your CV professional. On your CV, the part listing your hobbies and interests should come after your accomplishments.

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