Top 6 Job Destinations in the UAE to find your dream Job

Top 6 Job Destinations in the UAE to find your dream Job

The UAE located on the Arabian Peninsula is a federation of seven emirates. It has been recognized by Forbes magazine as the third most powerful country globally. In recent years, Dubai has become a sought-after destination for global job seekers, presenting abundant employment prospects across diverse sectors. Dubai, the UAE's most populous city is known for its opulent lifestyle, contemporary architecture, and business-friendly atmosphere.

Despite the job market decline, UAE is projected to see a slight increase in 2019 especially in industries such as advisory and legal, where growth expectation is of 10% to 15%. Dubai's absence of income tax, advantageous location, and extensive combination of perks and benefits make it an enticing choice for individuals seeking career advancement and new experiences.  

Finding Jobs in the UAE

Securing a job in the UAE as a foreigner can be both promising and challenging. With expatriates comprising 84% of the UAE's population, hiring foreigners is a common practice. However, due to declining oil prices, companies have reduced salaries and cut positions, making the job market increasingly competitive. The chances of securing jobs in Abu Dhabi are relatively greater than any other emirate due to higher industrial growth.

Applying for Jobs in the UAE

In a competitive job market, it is crucial to differentiate yourself as an employee. The UAE is an attractive destination for expats worldwide, and employers have the luxury of being selective in their hiring process.

To make yourself stand out, start by creating a high-quality resume that is concise and highlights your strengths. In addition to standard information, UAE-style CVs may require including details such as nationality, gender, religion, and a photo.

When searching for jobs, utilize online platforms as well that cater to the UAE job market, such as Bayt, Efinancial Careers, Gulf News Careers, GulfTalent, and Khaleej Times Jobs.

Online job Fairs

Online job fairs are also a valuable resource, providing opportunities to connect with organizations, explore job vacancies, and network with professionals. Some popular job fairs in the UAE include Careers UAE, eFair, Education Fair, Fujairah International Career and National Career Exhibition. Despite the higher ratio of opportunities of getting jobs in Dubai or abu dhabi, you can also find a variety of well-suited jobs in other emirates.

Company Sites

Many companies in the UAE exclusively post job vacancies on their own websites. If there is a specific company you are interested in working for, it is advisable to visit their website and check for a dedicated Jobs or Career section. While reaching out directly to hiring managers is a possibility, it is important to note that responses may not always be guaranteed.


Both online and print publications in the UAE regularly feature job vacancies in their classifieds sections. These publications are available in both Arabic and English languages. Some notable options for classifieds include:

·         Dubizzle

·         Khaleej Times

·         Waseet

Top Job Destinations in the UAE

Finding the perfect job destination can be a quest for both new and experienced job seekers. The UAE, particularly cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, offers attractive opportunities for career growth. Known for its thriving business environment and infrastructure development, the UAE is a hub for various industries. Jobs in Abu Dhabi are specifically easier to grab for you due to the tax free industrial revolution in the said emirate.


Dubai not only captivates tourists but also offers a diverse job market. The city has expanded beyond the oil industry and now thrives in real estate, tourism, and financial services. From entry-level to top positions, Dubai provides ample job opportunities across multiple sectors. With the upcoming Dubai World Expo 2020, jobs in Dubai are expected to multiply. The city encompasses a wide range of industries, including hospitality, finance, healthcare, tourism, construction, and more, catering to job seekers with diverse backgrounds and skill sets.