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Frequently Asked Questions

The overall rental cost for Ava cars in Dubai varies depending on the car model. At Great Dubai, you can find the latest models to rent at competitive and affordable prices.

Yes, insurance is necessary to rent Ava cars in Dubai. Great Dubai insurance covers damages caused by a third party. However, if you have any fault in a car accident, the insurance will not cover it.

Great Dubai cancellation policy varies based on the duration of your rental. For more information contact us.

Yes, we offer free delivery and pick-up of the Ava cars for rent in Dubai.

The rental cost of Ava cars covers the standard mileage limit. It also includes basic insurance as per RTA regulations. Great Dubai provides free roadside assistance in case of vehicle breakdown.

Renting an Ava car from our company allows you to enjoy the car without worrying about maintenance. However, renting an Ava car on a long-term basis from Great Dubai is a more economical and best option.

Yes, insurance is needed before renting Ava cars in Dubai. For more details on Great Dubai insurance policies, please visit our website or contact us.

Great Dubai accepts all major credit cards as well as cash for the payment process of Ava cars.

Great Dubai rental contracts are transparent, without any hidden charges. You will pay for everything mentioned in the contract