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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Great Dubai’s Infiniti rental cars in Dubai are well worthwhile. Dubai is a luxury city to drive around and welcomes thousands of visitors on a daily basis. With our company Infiniti rental cars network, it is easy to visit Dubai in style.

The Rental price of an Infiniti car with Great Dubai is very reliable and competitive. Our company has different pricing options for Infiniti rental cars to cater your budget. You can be sure to find an amazing deal on Infiniti cars with our company.

The easy process to rent an Infiniti car is that you can simply call us and our company will book the car which you order. When you provide the necessary documents, an Infiniti car will be delivered at your address within 45 minutes.

Yes, our company offers options on Infiniti rental cars. You can rent an Infiniti car for a few hours, for a day, for a weekend, or even longer. It all depends on your needs and preference.

To rent an Infiniti car with us is the 21 years age limit. You need to provide valid driving license, and you are eligible to rent a car Infiniti in Dubai at Great Dubai

Yes, comprehensive insurance coverage is included at Great Dubai to rent an Infiniti car.

If you return the Infiniti car late to Great Dubai, it may result in additional charges which the customer has to pay to the company.

In addition to the rental expenses of Infiniti cars, there are several additional costs which include coverage and fuel.