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About Company

Dubai's Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) is in charge of helping the government make the emirate a major hub for global economy and tourism and improving the city's economic and tourism competitiveness indicators. The ultimate goal is to make Dubai the world's leading commercial center, investment hub, and tourist destination. In this role, DET is leading efforts to improve Dubai's innovative, diversified service-based economy even more so that it can draw the best people from around the world, provide a world-class business environment, and speed up productivity growth. DET also supports Dubai's goal of becoming the best place to live and work in the world by promoting the city's wide range of attractions, unique way of life, and overall high standard of life.

When it comes to planning, overseeing, developing, and marketing Dubai's business and tourist sectors, DET is in charge. It is also in charge of giving licenses and putting different types of businesses into groups, such as hotels, tour operators, and travel brokers. The DET is made up of the Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing, Dubai Industries and Exports, Dubai College of Tourism, Dubai Calendar, and Dubai Business Events. It also has the Dubai Investment Development Agency (Dubai FDI) and Dubai SME.